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Soul Sessions: Embracing December’s Energy: Let It Be Confusing!

In today’s episode, Amanda shares the energy forecast for December, a month filled with confusion and introspection. 

Mercury is heading into retrograde on the 12th and the combination of the 1 numerology for December along with the retrograde will create a push-pull energy in your life. Learn to embrace the confusion, knowing that clarity will follow.

Amanda shares her recent experience with spirit guides and shares the importance of asking for help from your guides & paying attention to signs that show up in your life.

Discussion includes: 

  • The importance of self-awareness, challenging our thoughts and beliefs, and understanding our emotions
  • Paying attention to our emotions and how they show up in our physical bodies
  • Connecting with your spirit guides and asking them for help
  • Sitting with the self-doubt, confusion and uncertainty in your life
  • Re-evaluating our intentions and motivations: getting clear on your why & clarifying your beliefs 


Join us as we navigate through this confusing yet foundational month, witnessing growth, embracing change, and paving our own way. 

Remember, when in doubt, ask your guides, check your motivations, and clarify your beliefs. Let’s welcome December with trust, patience, and an open heart!


Crystal Recommendations:

  • Bloodstone
  • Fluorite


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