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Soul Sessions: Discover Clarity, Purpose, and Your True Self Through Writing Your Story

Ally Fallon, coach, author, and host of the “Write Your Story” podcast joins the show today to talk about how writing can be a transformative tool to help connect to who you are and transform your life story. 


After writing about her marriage falling apart, Ally learned that putting pen to paper helped her put her life back together while also finding her voice, meaning, and purpose. She now teaches others to do the same – helping them find clarity in their life stories and what the universe is trying to show them. 


Amanda and Ally talk about the difference between who we present to the world and who we are when we look in the mirror. You can change the way you tell your story, change the way you see your story and take action in becoming the main character of your life. 


Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to create a massive shift in your meaning and purpose. Journaling can help you break apart every aspect of your life, see what patterns emerge, and decide how you want to adjust your course for your next chapter. 


Writing is a great tool to channel your truest self and it is proven that putting pen to paper can improve all aspects of your life – your mood, your immune system, your relationships, finances, etc and the best news is that journaling for 20 minutes a day for only 4 days in a row can provide benefits for 6 months. 

Join Amanda live in Austin on May 7th – grab your tickets today! 

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