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Soul Sessions: Creating Sacred Time and Using Your Intuition To Change Your Life

Amanda’s Client, Kristen, joins the show to talk about how her intuition helped change her life. 


After finding Amanda a few years back through Amy Brown (4 Things with Amy Brown, The Bobby Bones Show), Kristen has learned to tap into her Higher Self and create soulful accountability which has resulted in finding innate confidence & strength through their dedicated sessions together. 


Deepening her faith through discernment, Kristen went through a divorce and made an additional life change, moving from Florida to Nashville – intuitively knowing this was where she was and is meant to be. 


Kristen’s growth has come from creating sacred time where she is able to resolutely get honest with her Truth and learn to trust her Voice. 


Shifting from one vibration to another, letting go of old fears and stepping into an element of the unknown, Kristen has utilized her intuition through the grief of her divorce & move, in parenting her daughter Georgia, and through the loss of her parents. 


Amanda reminds us to not lose hope or faith during difficult times – know that whatever you’re walking through has meaning which will be revealed when you seek, look and listen in Divine timing. Spending quiet time with yourSelf can reveal old pains but will allow you to honor what you’ve experienced and uncover and empower the evolved person you have become. 


One of Kristen’s favorite tools for tapping into her intuition is something we have with us all the time…her phone! Writing down your thoughts in the moment, being present and using your phone as a journal to document your insights and synchronicities you encounter can be an easy way to start harnessing your own intuition. 

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