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Soul Sessions: Connecting With Spirit Guides: Ancestral Wisdom, Personal Courage, and the Power of Sharing Your Story with Garifuna Duchess

In today’s episode, Amanda speaks with Garifuna Duchess, a Medium & the author of “My Spiritual Journey: A Symbiotic Journey with My Ancestors”.


During a period of hardships, Garifuna experienced a moment when a spirit guide appeared to her which completely changed the trajectory of her life. 


Garifuna shares her personal journey discovering her gifts, connecting with her ancestors, and the challenges she faced reconciling her upbringing and the beliefs of the Garifuna people with her own spiritual journey. 


Wisdom to take away from this episode: 

  • Having the courage to communicate and share our experiences without fear of judgment
  • The importance of holding space for others, being open & trusting the process 
  • Being obedient to the call- if you put God first you will always be guided 
  • Learning from the lesson you’ve been given- everything is a teachable moment in our journeys!
  • The importance in being the writer of your own story – don’t let others tell it for you 
  • Knowing that life has a way of sorting itself out


This episode is a testament to bravery, voice, and courage. It’s about surrendering to the call, being obedient to it, and using the wisdom of our ancestry and guides to fulfill our purpose and meaning.

Don’t forget if you stay positive, help others, and do good for the world, love always wins! 

For more on Garifuna Duchess visit her website or check out her book, “My Spiritual Journey: A Symbiotic Relationship with My Ancestors”.

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