This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

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Soul Sessions: Careful! The Planets Are In Retrograde (Here’s What To Do About It)

We all know to be on alert when Mercury is in retrograde, but what does it mean when most of the planets are in retrograde at the same time?? 


Over the next few months all of the planets (except Mars) are going to be in retrograde so it’s going to be an especially turbulent time energetically, with massive astrology and numerology at play during August, September & October. 


Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, on a collective level, we’re all in a tough period of transformation but from mid-September onward there is this opportunity for clarity, momentum, and revitalization of mind, body and spirit. 


In this bonus episode, Amanda gives tools and advice on how to navigate the next few months including:


  • Don’t take yourself too seriously 
  • Take notice of anything that is creating physical, mental, emotional dis-ease & reorganize your priorities accordingly 
  • Give yourself moments to breathe and reset 
  • Reflect on your past year: What did you learn? Where were you challenged? Where did you grow? 
  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself: What can I do today? How can I do it well? Where can I delegate?
  • Communicate honestly  
  • Respond promptly to things you want to avoid & immediately take accountability for mistakes so you don’t have to carry their emotional burden
  • Realize what is opening up in your future to heal & evolve 
  • Be flexible


Amanda shares a powerful evening ritual that will help you find calm, clarity, ease, and a deeper connection to your soul & higher consciousness. 


Now is a great time to set up healthy routines and create consistency. Try Amanda’s 18-Day Meditation Dedication:


Remember that everyone is going through the same difficult time – give others compassion – we’re all in this together!

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