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Soul Sessions: Blooming Where You’re Planted: This Is Not The Destination, Enjoy The Journey

In this episode, Amanda talks with her client, Jamie Klick, who shares her story learning to bloom where she’s planted, maintaining a positive outlook during trying times, and finding inner peace and joy thanks to signs from the universe.

From living in Italy during COVID to now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jamie shares the struggles she’s had finding herself and her support system while being a military wife: looking for her own career, facing postpartum depression with a sleepless newborn, and learning to be in the flow of life, instead of resisting what is happening.

Amanda and Jamie discuss tools that have helped guide Jamie in her spiritual journey, such as oracle cards, numerology, astrology, signs from the universe and Jamie shares how she has cultivated patience and trust in the divine timing of things, learning that “not yet” doesn’t mean “never”. 


Questions to ask yourself after listening to today’s episode:


  • Where can I find the joy?
  • What am I learning from this? 
  • What is this showing me? 
  • What is this preparing me for? 
  • What is this experience gifting me?
  • How can I create healing, rest, calm, & peace?
  • What is this time allowing?


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