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Soul Sessions: Allow Peace to Become More Natural Than Chaos

The cosmic push-pull of April is a confusing and chaotic time, but try to find your peace this month. Everything is coming together so it’s time to quit applying pressure and enjoy a moment of stillness and ease. 


Remember that Mercury Retrograde is a great time to reflect and re-organize your thoughts and the Eclipse provides transformational energy so let this be a new cycle of growth and change for you. 


Don’t take action where it doesn’t feel natural – it’s ok to not know what the next step is. Embrace your hesitation and lean into uncertainty. Get still with the discomfort so you can prepare to evolve. 


Signal to the universal that you’re looking to bust up your status quo:


  • Go to a different grocery store
  • Go a new way to work
  • Switch up your morning routine 
  • Pay attention to the people that inspire creativity in your life
  • Seek out others who beat to their own drum and enjoy their wisdom 
  • Look for ways to bring fun, joy, and laughter into challenging circumstances 
  • Practice empathetic listening – be present and listen with your whole being 
  • Find moments of stillness, clarity, peace and calm 


Get in touch with your own agenda and remember that change starts within. Whatever is going on internally for you will manifest externally. Notice shifts in your gut reactions and tap into your instinctual self. 


Fine tune who you are and what you want, but take your foot off the gas and enjoy the ride!

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