Simple Practices to Connect with Your Highest Self

Energy is speeding up! Can you feel it?
Changing energetic frequencies can affect your mood, vitality, motivation, and overall well-being more than you know.

Think about it: Since 2007 and the introduction of the smartphone, technology is increasing at compounding rates. Information (both facts and fiction) spreads instantaneously around the world upon publication, people communicate virtually in real-time, smart devices collecting and analyzing data are the norm, and the list goes on.

So, doesn’t it make sense that energy is changing? 

We are in both linear and parallel times of awakening to broader aspects of ourselves. So much is hidden auspiciously and simply in plain sight. The signs, talismans, and synchronicities are always there to guide us clearly rather than haphazardly. It’s a matter of knowing your energy! I put together these simple practices to support you in knowing your energy and connecting with your highest self.

woman sitting in the sand at the beach, staring at the crystal blue water.

Practice #1: Grounding

Grounding is a practice to create immediate calm and sense of connection with yourself. Being present and feeling “in your body” promotes personal security rather than feeling overrun by scattered and overwhelming energies. Grounding regularly can stimulate healthy self-awareness, heal anxiety, promote overall clarity (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) and strengthen intuition, to name a few.

Grounding is simple and can take as little as 3 seconds or as long as you care to focus your attention.

Three Rounds of Breath

Inhale for four seconds, hold, exhale for four seconds, hold, and repeat for a total of three times.

  • While you do this, you can say intentions or mantras at the same time.

  • For example, try saying, “I am rooted,” “I am grounded,” “I am safe,” “I am secure,” “I am present in my body,” “I am comfortable in my body,” “I am appreciative of my body and my ability to feel and be centered in my body.”

  • You can recite these throughout any of these practices in your mind’s eye or aloud. This is the easiest way to ground yourself, especially if you’re on the go.

Visualize Your Roots

Stand still and imagine that you have roots growing out of your feet that are permeating through the layers of the Earth.

  • Imagine at the center of the earth, there is some sort of healing crystal that your roots attach to.

  • Through your roots, send your energy down while reciprocally or simultaneously pulling energy and nutrients from the Earth back up.

  • Envision you are in your body; you are rooted and grounded like a tree; you are present, safe, secure, strong, and notwithstanding.

  • This is one of my favorite grounding practices and can be done inside or outside; you can do this in an office building or lying in bed.

Envision Your Chakras

Chakras are the invisible energy systems that continuously transmit and receive energy.

  • Your 3 lower chakras help with grounding: your root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus.

  • The root chakra correlates with the color red and signifies being rooted, safe, secure, and grounded.

  • The sacral chakra correlates with the color orange and signifies your emotional stability, security, sensuality, and creativity.

  • The solar plexus correlates with the color yellow and signifies your grounded intuition and seat of empowerment.

  • Using these three chakras, imagine yellow, orange, and red as you send that energy down into the Earth, or as you inhale and exhale (inhale red, exhale red, inhale orange, exhale orange, inhale yellow, exhale yellow).

  • This can be done at any time and can be used with any grounding practice.

Walk Outside, and Take Your Shoes off

Connect with the Earth and breathe in and out fresh air.

  • Organically move in a way that makes you feel connected with the Earth – wiggle your toes in the ground, touch (or hug) a tree, sit down on the grass, rocks, sand, or anywhere in nature.

  • Sit somewhere still and quiet, without the bombardment of electronics.

  • Breathe & simply Be. (think: Human Being versus Human Doing)

Do a Forward Fold

  • Stand tall. Roll your shoulders back. Lift your chin, creating integrity in your body and length through your spine like an invisible string is lifting you from the crown of your head.

  • Hinge at your hips, folding forward and hanging down.

  • Notice what you feel.

  • Wiggle your toes; notice how your feet connect with the Earth. Allow your arms to sway and hang.

  • Relax your neck. Loosen your jaw.

  • You can also do this sitting cross-legged, arms up overhead. Then, hinge from your hips and fold over.

    • Place your palms flat on the ground; your head gently relaxed as you release and melt into the ground

    • Feel your body with your breath; breathing, relaxing, and synchronizing with the elements of Earth and yourself.

woman walking to sit under a beautiful, spiraling rooted tree on a sunny day.

Practice #2: Scan The Room

Determine who in your life can hold the space for you to share experiences with.

Some of the best wisdom I’ve received and continually practice is to share my intimate experiences (the painful ones alongside the wildly mind-blowing ones) with someone who is energetically aligned with what I am offering.

What does “someone who is energetically aligned with what I am offering” mean?

  • Be mindful to share a glorious event, occurrence, or new opportunity with someone who can genuinely share in the joy, excitement, or exuberance of the experience with you, rather than someone who may feel intimidated, jealous, or insecure. This is not a judgment, just human nature. We have all been on both sides of this coin.

  •  When we are choosing to communicate our vulnerable experiences in a healthy way and confiding our intimate struggles with someone, it is paramount that the person is trusted as well as someone who has a positive or successful track record in what you’re seeking guidance/wisdom around.

    • Ask yourself: Does seeking relationship advice from someone in and out of unhealthy relationships sound like a great idea? No, probably not, but we all do stuff like that not recognizing this chosen/available person is likely not a vibrational match or in alignment with what we are seeking. Again, no offense or judgment given, we are all human and have our lessons to learn.

one person is wrapping their arms around a tree in the forest and hugging it. You can only see the person's hands and arms around the tree.

Rule of Engagement: You cannot create or find a solution for an experience from the same level of consciousness it was created.

So, scan the proverbial room for your folks who can hold space for whatever experiences arise. It is KEY to share and communicate (the messy and miraculous alike), don’t “hide it under a bushel.” This is a time for integrity in communication and interactions – no matter how frustrating or cosmic the experiences you encounter are.

PSA: I’ve flubbed up and shared something with someone who was misaligned and conversely, someone shared something with me and I was a misalignment for them. Meaning WE are misaligned in certain instances or periods of time. These are opportunities to learn and grow. And, as we all know, that pain can generate powerful awareness, motivation, and even transformation of relationships and beliefs & values.

You may NOT feel like you’re emerging from this hangover energy we are in. That’s okay. Most sentient beings are exploring layers of trauma, deep pain, and fear from this timeline and multiple aspects of self & soul experiences. If you’re feeling stuck, check out this blog post with some thought-provoking practices that can help.

Take some time for yourself to incorporate these practices into your daily life. Grounding and scanning the room are going to support you in getting comfortable with your energy and connecting with your highest self.

If you’re looking for a jumpstart to connect with your highest self and embody your next-level energy, download our free 7 Days of Intentions guide. In just 7 days, you can set in motion a quantum chain of events for healing + cultivating higher vibrational frequencies. Unlock your infinite abilities and access profound personal meaning.