Focus on yourSelf, your personal needs, healing, and overall well-being, then you will find yourself showing up more fully present for the people and experiences in your life.

Slowing down and noticing resentments and frustrations is an indicator of where you experience resistance in your life. If you can recognize it, you can shift or heal it!

Self-Health Practice:

Morning Check-In:
Do I feel well rested, clear, open, and receptive today?

If yes:
Set the intention: Today, I am available for experiencing _________ (fill in your blank)

If no:
Take 3 breaths. Ask for an openness to revitalization, clarity and optimal health throughtout your being. 

Many of us are engaging with our emotional bodies more deeply and richly than ever. This creates new awareness of personal sensitivities.

Remember, emotional health is an important component to clarity, security and embracing greater happiness, health and wellbeing, no matter the external conditions. 

Notice any dis-ease, discomfort, or insecurities you experience. 

Can you become willing to hold space for whatever arises? Can you practice limiting your self-judgment or projections in order to fully and healthfully process your emotions?

Leveraging your emotional intelligence can heal life-long wounds, patterning, and even clear karma. Any pain can be a set-up, not a setback. See what comes up for you to heal.

Where possible, focus on your side of the street, clearing any strain, resistance, self-critical attitudes, or practicing forgiveness can have rewarding benefits.

How can you do this? By being mindful of potential blind spots and enacting some optimal strategies.

Potential Blind Spots

  • Overly protective and micromanaging tendencies.

  • Victimhood or taking everything personally.

  • Fixing, rescuing or fighting other people’s battles. 

    • Taking on other peoples’ emotions, dramas and challenges as your responsibility


Optimal Strategies

  • Focusing on yourself and cleaning your side of the street.

  • Recognizing that not everything is about you. You never know what’s going on in someone else’s head or heart.

  • Avoid interfering where you don’t have a dog in the hunt. 

    • Focus on your personal responsibility for your health, happiness and overall outlook.


Reflections & Journal Prompts for Self-Health

  • What in your life needs healing? 

    • Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and accept any hurts or fears as foundational to your healing journey? 

  • Who needs your forgiveness (including yourself)? Are you willing to forgive?

    • If so, you’re ready to forgive (yourself & others), dropping unnecessary and unhealthy energetic, mental and emotional reside. From this, you will find a self-healing, renewal, and a greater sense of inner safety and security.

  • What does self-compassion mean to you? 

    • Are you willing to recognize your inner critic and replace unrealistic ideals with greater compassion and love? How? 

  • What relationship boundaries need assessment for reclaiming your personal responsibility to your self-health? 

    • Look for imbalances, anxiety, enabling, and patterns of dis-ease in relationships for clues as to what can be reexamined for greater overall wellbeing (for all parties involved).

  • What does self-compassion look like to you? Can you prioritize practicing this in September?  


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