This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

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November 2020 – Divine Timing, Tools & Tips

Any way we slice and dice it, November is a highly volatile and
revolutionary month {personally + universally}.

~Emotions run high & Tensions flare~

Remember, we are here on this wondrous Earth together and can choose to “Let Love Rule.”

Suit up. Put your spiritual tool-kit to use this month, and you’ll shift through some heavy energies into greater freedom, clarity and awareness come December. 

Credit @lennykravitz Let Love Rule

Credit @lennykravitz Let Love Rule

Savory + Sweet

The November crystal recipe mixes the savory {garnet} with sweet {lepidolite}. 

It will help you summon passion, courage and desire while also conjuring compassionate personal inquiry, facilitating healthy vulnerability, and inner-knowing {aka, intuition}. 

GARNET: Savory with a side of sass! A little goes a long way.  This is a stone I use with care and attention, especially when I need to get out of a rut, or unstuck. It’s also helpful for healthfully detoxing anger or agitation. 

It’s got a bit of a bite and knows how to nudge us forward, shaking up comfort zones in expressing our desires. 

This deep red stone is multifaceted and associated with the root, sacral and heart chakras. 

Use it to:

  • Rebalance insecurities {physically, emotionally, mentally, financially…}

  • Dissolve blockages {in receiving love, recognition & healing}

  • Motivate {passionate & joyful expression of feelings with fervor, empowerment and gusto} 

Bonus: Garnet can shield unhealthy energies, experiences and unseen forces. 

Astrology bonus: This is an ideal stone for complementing both Mercury, and Mars stationing direct this month. It will help revitalize your entire being with the utmost integrity, especially if you set the intentions aligned with beliefs for the highest good. And, goodness knows we can 100% use energy towards the “highest good” on our planet at this time. Be the change. 

I typically work with garnet 3 days on, 3 days off. For me, it can feel a bit overwhelming and actually overstimulate masculine energies of aggravation, aggression, and fight / flight. Lets’ just say a little goes a long way. 

Normally I suggest starting with wearing a crystal bracelet on the left wrist {to call in energies} and then switching to the right wrist {to exude the energies}, however with garnet, I recommend the opposite.

Garnet Bracelet Recipe

  1. When you purchase and receive your bracelet, set an initial intention for its energies to be cleared and work with you in healthfully processing and detoxing any lower vibrational, stagnant or resistant “stuff” that’s blocking the innate expression of your creativity and passion. Literally, talk to the crystal bracelet.

    I suggest asking any crystal to work with you in the highest capacity, however, this stone in particular can be a bit of a trickster- So, set healthy and balanced parameters from the start. 

  2. Wear it on the right wrist for three days to detox heavier emotional energies such as anger, aggression, animosity, frustration or to stimulate stagnation.  Get that junk outta ya’ trunk!

    Be mindful: It will likely summon some agitation, frustration or outbursts. That said, pay attention and be mindful. When you feel your blood boil, stand still and feel it, allowing the energies to flow through you rather than spilling them out onto others or even yourself. 

    If it gets too heavy or intense, listen to your inner knowing {yourSelf + intuition}. Take it off. You create your own recipe.

    This offering is as much about learning to healthily recognize, process and communicate with your emotional intelligence as it is to shift energies and stimulate personal creative expression. 

  3. Remove the bracelet from the right wrist for 3 days. Wash gently with some soap and water. While washing, thank it for stimulating and detoxifying your mind, body, emotions and energy. Ask too, that its energy is cleansed and cleared.  Place it next to some of your other crystals to recharge. 

    Bonus: If there’s a Full or New moon, certainly put it outside or on a windowsill for 3 days/nights).

  4. Switch to the left wrist for 3 days to call in or evoke innate, soulful creativity, passion, desire and courageous motivation to initiate new projects, goals or activate heart-centered experiences. 

If you’d rather not wear a bracelet, get a loose garnet stone or two. Follow the recipe above and just put it in your right pocket then switch to the left pocket. You make your own magic. I was gifted a pair of gold and garnet earrings by a dear soul sister on a retreat. I work with them 3 days on and off. I also wear them because the connect me to her genuine friendship and are beautiful. Energy is beautiful and what you make and believe of it…


LEPIDOLITE: A complimentary Yin to the yang of the garnet. I promised sweet to go with the savory, and here it is! 

This precious stone soothes, alleviates anxiety, emotional distress, and even helps with depression or feelings of shame. While the garnet gives you the umph and push, Lepidolite nourishes gently and offers energies that organically facilitate peace and ease. 

Because this stone is associated with the third eye and crown chakras, it is also a wonderful stone for connecting with and developing intuition. It’s also helpful in the flow of divine synchronicities, receiving messages from Spirit, loved-ones who may have crossed over to the other side, and your Higher Self. It’s a Gentle Giant.

I give this stone as a gift to expecting mothers, sometimes as an option for a baby nursery or children who are struggling with sleeping, nightmares or other anxieties. 

Astrology bonus: This is an ideal stone for complimenting Neptune stationing direct this month. It’s soothing, cosmic energies will enhance your dreams, intuition, and clear out any delusions of grandeur. It’s also supportive of astral travel and interconnection with past/future lives, or as I understand and experience them, simultaneous lives. You’ll feel the Neptune station November and December.

Tip: Working with this stone in a sphere helps create a vortex or atmosphere of enhanced energy. It can facilitate and activate supportive frequencies in your auric field {the energy in and around your body}, in a room or environment. You can put it next to your bed, on your desk, in your bathroom, hold it in your palm while meditating, or place it wherever you intuitively feel called. 

Spheres or circular energy represents enhancement, continuity, oneness, and transformation. I caution you in underestimating the potency of Lepidolite. Just because it’s “sweet” doesn’t mean it cannot profoundly alchemize, heal and alleviate dis-ease {physical, mental, emotional or spiritual}. 

As always, you know I’m a fan of a Lepidolite bracelet. Change it up and follow the suggestions for the garnet recipe above with this one too… Savory + Sweet magic this month. We’re going to need it. 

Share this with a friend and work together on and through the experiences.

Lepidolite Bracelet

Lepidolite Sphere

Credit @missgreenery #burningman

Credit @missgreenery #burningman

November 15th 

New Moon in 23° of Scorpio


“This is the Moon of the alchemist and the power player. It’s time to bang the drum of self-transcendence and look at the world with intuitive eyes.”

-Book of Ceremonies – Making Magic on New & Full Moons

This is a profoundly intense and introspective energy which may feel daunting, vulnerable, exposed or utterly present. Embrace becoming your presence, all of it- both the dark and the light. With the Sun and Moon coupled together in Scorpio {the sign of seeing in the dark} intuition runs deep.


The Detective
The Magician or Hypnotist
The Alchemist

During this Moon phase, it’s important to be mentally and emotionally honest with yourSelf. You may feel a bit obsessive or intently focused. Honing your intensity in a healthy way can create unprecedented momentum and vision versus running in circles. Use your night goggles.

Initiate a new project, set an intention around personal + spiritual development, or open up intimately (with Self, your Higher Power or someone you care for).

Root to connect. If things feel too heavy, incorporate the Earth element from Scorpio’s opposite sign of Taurus. 

Strategy: Earthing

  • Take your shoes off. Stand on the bare Earth, the Living Library. 

  • Wiggle your toes. Actively spread them out, and lift them up.

  • Rock back and forth from your heels to the balls of your feet, awakening the reflexology points and stimulating every organ in your body.

  • Come into what yogis call Mountain Pose. Feet shoulder width apart. Palms together at your heart or open at your sides to receive. Chin tucked to chest, bowing your head to your heart.

  • Ground into the Earth energy through your feet and your intention. Connect into the wisdom of your heart. 

  • Imagine that you have roots sprouting from your feet through the ground, penetrating millions of layers and lifetimes, down into whatever you believe pulses at the Earth’s core [a gigantic crystal, ball of fire, the eternal waters of life, or a hollow cavern in the quantum field].

  • Offer the biological intelligence of your cells, DNA and consciousness to the Earth with an audible exhale and sincere belief. Inhale the timeless particles of infinite possibilities from the billions of particles of the Living Library. Repeat.

State the Intention: I root my cells and being into the Earth’s core, offering the pure rhythm of the primal lifeforce pulsing through the consciousness of my bloodstream. I drink in the records of existence and inherent light intelligence into my human biology, upgrading all facets of my being.

Tip: You can “Earth”  in moments or minutes. If you’re stuck in an office building, in the car or prohibited from actually touching the ground, use your sensory imagination and envision your bare feet being cradled by the wild wisdom of Earth.

Add a side of Garnet to the mix. This crystal is ideal for alchemizing this New Moon.

Know Your Blind Spots

  • Moodiness + Brooding

  • Jealousy + Revenge Plotting

  • Too much force (mental + emotional, verbal)

    • This will likely get you into a jam and lead to chaos or peril

If or when these blind spots entrap you, face them head on with honesty & integrity. That’s the Scorpio way. Avoid shaming yourSelf. Experience and process your feelings with honor and integrity. Know that your insecurities can be transformed into power rather than diminishing your light. Be the Alchemist.

Insider Track {Amanda’s personal Scorpio New Moon focus}

I’m a Scorpio masquerading as a Libra Sun + Moon. Why?

I have three influential natal planets in Scorpio:

  • Mercury {information gathering / sharing}

  • Mars {drive and life force}

  • Uranus {innovation, shock & awe}

And, the icing on the cake is that Pluto {Scorpio’s ancient ruler} was conjunct my Libra Sun and Moon. Don’t know much about astrology? I’m speaking Greek?

I’m intense and at ease simultaneously. I choose, as the alchemist to consciously transmute my immensities into infinite potential for myself, the people I interact with and the universe. Some days it’s transcendent, humanitarian and others, it’s pretty heavy. Thank goodness for my faith and a solid community of people who I call on for support.

My intention on this Moon will be around creating authentic alignment between my feelings and actions. In this lifetime, I choose to alchemize the dark into the most brilliant light and pure positive potential. 

What will you alchemize on this Moon my friends?


November 30th 

Full Moon Eclipse in 8° of Gemini

“You create your thoughts; your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.”

-Wayne Dyer

And so it begins, or ends? 

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will initiate an energy of detoxing outdated ways of thinking, beliefs and limiting perspectives over the upcoming months ahead into 2021. Eclipse energy triggers a 6 month cycle, facilitating opportunities to shift, grow and evolve. 

Gemini = thoughts, communication, information sharing / gathering

Full Moons = Illuminating what’s been hiding in the shadows or beneath the surface; processing/healing

Eclipses = beginnings & endings / shake ups, transforming, evolving

What to look forward to?

  • Shifting our minds into higher states of consciousness.

  • Getting curious with interactions and experiences {new + old}

  • Unblocking limiting beliefs, prejudices, ego-based or superficial ways of thinking into something deeper, transcendent and effervescent on a real, day-to-day level.  

The Teacher
The Storyteller or Curious Curator
The Journalist 

“When the Full Moon falls in the Air sign of Gemini, you can expect plans to change. You might notice a need to be around friends, be social, and to keep a lot of tabs open on your computer. This is the perfect Moon to find closure by talking it out, sending a final newsletter, or finishing a book. This is the Moon of the multi-tasker, the social butterfly, and the curious Seeker. It is time to bang the drum of self-inquisition and approach the world with a fresh perspective: we’re all crewmates on the same boat.”

                                              -Excerpt from Amanda’s Book of Ceremonies 

Soulful Inquiries

  • Where am I over-committing and under-performing?

  • What anxieties, worries or stressors am I willing to face and presently shift my perspective with confidence, trust and courage?

  • Can I stand still and know that I am enough, just as I am?


Manifesting with the Full Moon Eclipse through Cereomny.

“This ceremony offers an opportunity to discern where you can bury the hatchet and move forward in peace. Go for it! This is about your freedom. This is an ideal ceremony for anyone looking for clarity or seeking to quiet the mind. It is also a great ceremony for couples who are wanting to come to a resolution or find mutual solutions.” -Book of Ceremonies 

Check out the blog and get your FREE, Downloadable Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony!

Know Your Blind Spots

  • Over-selling / underperforming

  • Worry / future tripping

  • Impulsivity 

Insider Track {Amanda’s personal Gemini Full Moon Eclipse focus}

Any Gemini Moon is usually insightful and powerfully, sometimes painfully illuminating for me because

Gemini is on the cusp of my astrological 12th house of self-transcendence, karma, the unconscious, and what dreams may come… I usually journal on the insights, observations, aggravations, and fears that arise the couple of weeks before the Full Moon. I use those as clues for letting go of challenging aspects within mySelf, detoxing my psyche and ego-based fears.

So, during this lunar cycle, I’ll curiously wear the hat of the “journalist into my soul” over the next 6 months.

Bring it Gemini FM/Eclipse. As always, when I’m dedicated to doing the work and using my spiritual-toolkit, shifts happen! It will likely serve up a self-discovery inquiry that will create new perspectives and healing across the lines of time.

Personal Intention: My unconscious self and conscious self intercommunicate with clarity and precision for my highest good in this lifetime and throughout all lines of time. I am a vessel for the highest light, love and inspiration with a giving, selfless heart. 

Put on your curious journalist cap and see what you discover!

Peace Y’all.

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