June 2021 Divine Timing, Tools & Tips

When I point one finger, three-point back at me.

People can be your greatest source of Self-education; it’s all a matter of your willingness to pay attention to what others stir within you.

June is a month for self-discovery through relationships, deepening faith, and developing intuition.


Photo credit: @oldgreywolf

Photo credit: @oldgreywolf


I am willing to learn, heal and evolve through my relationships, interactions and environment this month.

My Soul and Higher Power guide me in creating opportunities for self-discovery and amazement.

Tip: Relationships can be intimate, familial, professional, friendships and associations as well as your personal relationship with both yourself (your body, mind, emotions), your Higher Self, and your Higher Power.


Seek hidden treasure in your trials.

  • When confronted with resistance or triggered into reaction mode, pause and pay attention before responding.

  • If you seek personal treasure and expanded self-awareness, check out our FREE Emotional Treasure Map Practice.

Curiosity will not kill the cat!

  • Respectfully, question, seek knowledge and notice when something doesn’t feel or seem accurate or comfortable.

  • Become willing to explore all perspectives and angles before formulating a personal conclusion in your interactions.

Hint: An ounce of patience combined with asking for Divine Insight (literally, say: Higher Self, show me the optimal path) can reveal a hidden passage, a viable solution while also deepening your connection and trust in your higher consciousness.

What sometimes looks like an impasse may be an opportunity for more profound truth in disguise.

Demonstrate peace not war.

  • Embrace the peaceful people, attitudes, and interactions.

  • Do you gravitate to restrictive circumstances or harmonious ones?

    • Set the intention this month to attract peaceful, uplifting experiences and to notice, process, and optimally respond when confronted with restriction or aggression.


Photo credit: @maudepasse.art


Seeking security and validation through other people

  • Where and with whom are you looking outside yourself for security, validation, or self-worth?

    • Become willing to recognize this without judgment, justification, or shame.

  • Ask your Higher Power & Higher Self to support you in finding, believing, and knowing your true, inner divinity.

  • Rinse and repeat – this will likely come up over and over this month.

    • Pay attention and retrain your brain and heart to Know Within.

People-pleasing, manipulation, or two-faced attitudes & actions

  • Where can you become rigorously honest and transparent with yourself, your words, and your actions?

  • What are your motivations behind any smoke and mirror behaviors?

    • Identify your insecurities and fears.

    • Recognize where they undermine your integrity.

    • Become willing to practice being your whole self.

Inability to forgive or change limiting/rigid attitudes or view-points

  • What resentments are creating underlying disease and festering below the surface?

    • Pray for the ability to heal; ask for the aid of your Higher Power & Higher Self – this is much easier and transcendent and whole when you ask for support rather than using your sole, human capacity.

Tip: If you can choose one resentment, person, or situation that needs forgiveness this month and have the courage to pray for the willingness to heal, miraculous doors can open in places least expected.

Mistrust or untrustworthy behaviors

  • What are you hiding within yourself or from others?

    • Get honest with yourself.

    • Willingness to clarify dishonesty may reveal the daunting fears blocking light and peace from filling yourself and your soul.

Hint: It takes a lot more mental and emotional energy to hide, be dishonest, or be secretive. Eventually, this can turn into physical disease. Root it out!




Healthy Boundaries & Awareness

Mentally | Emotionally | Physically | Spiritually

Malachite’s got your back!

A dear friend calls this the “sponsor” stone because it gently encourages you, giving you the support
you need and not necessarily what your ego is misleading you toward, all from a place of heart-centered consciousness.

It’s excellent for developing psychic abilities and organically setting boundaries
by shielding mental, emotional, physical, and energetic gridlock from damaging EMF vibes!



The June Numerology will open us up to personal sensitivities needing to be healed and shifted.

2-Universal Month | 5-Universal Year
6 (June) + 5 (2021) = 11 (1+1=2)

The combination of the 2 and the 5 is a mixed bag of emotional highs, lows, and flashes of insight, reaction, and change. This energy is anything but consistent.

The key to navigating June with grace is being open, flexible, and willing to allow yourself and others to experience changes of mind and heart. There’s significant growth involved in this experience.

Rigidity, stubborn attitudes, and impatience will only create friction.


Photo credit: @alicerabbitshoots

Photo credit: @alicerabbitshoots

1 June – 10 June
Listen to your sensitivities. What do your feelings reveal?
Childhood wounds and fears may sneak in. Can you comfort what shows up within you?

11 June – 20 June
Communicate with wisdom and integrity. What do you want to say and why?
Pause when agitated. Can you focus on yourself rather than projecting?

21 June – 30 June
Find spaciousness within. When do you feel an abundance of time, energy, and space within your schedules, obligations?
Wake up and set an intention of creating greater space, freedom, and flow in your day and experiences.



This month is an astrological heavy-hitter.

June will stimulate heightened emotions and passions to reveal massive opportunities for evolved consciousness,
deep spiritual and karmic healing, and opportunities to find greater connection with those we love, including yourself!


2nd June – Venus Enters Cancer

  • Emotions are our greatest strength and Achilles heel.

A time for:

  • Paying attention to feelings,

  • Being mindful of emotional boundaries,

Recognize where you experience compassion, nurture, and love in your relationships.

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse
19° | 10th of June | 5:52 AM CST

A 6-month cycle is unfolding in your awareness of evolving
consciousness and thought-processes, communication style, day-to-day agendas, and focus.

Photo Credit: @mike_meyers

Photo Credit: @mike_meyers

What guru archetype is retiring within you?
Become willing to embrace the Sagittarius archetype of the student of life and apprentice during this phase. An old

What’s your message?
How are you communicating it?
Why? To Whom? How?

Focus New Moon, Eclipse Intentions Around:

  • Multitasking efficiency, focus, and attention to detail

  • Communication {writing, editing, speaking and listening}

  • Mental stimulation Intelligence, intellect, and quick wit

  • Honesty, integrity, and being present in your interactions

Recognize Restrictive Qualities For Awareness, Change & Healing:

  • Over-committing and underperforming

  • Impulsiveness

  • Inability to be present, sit still or experience calm and ease

  • Worry, future tripping, and projecting


I am present for myself and others, paying attention to the messages I communicate and my meaning behind them.


11th June – Mars Enters Leo

A time for:

  • Creative-self expression, embracing spontaneity and passion, and playfulness.

  • Claiming a little limelight and recognizing what social settings feel supportive and validating

Watch out
for needing to be the center of attention to feel secure rather than finding your security internally.

14th June – Saturn Retrograde Square Uranus – A climactic energy and theme for 2021

  • Saturn in Aquarius squares {makes a hard aspect} to Uranus in Taurus for the 2nd of 3 times in 2021. Think back to February 14th. See if any recurring themes re-appear for review and opportunities to pivot your vision and approach.

  • Uranus is the rabble-rouser of the solar system and rules Aquarius. In Taurus, Uranus creates Earthly disruptions and fundamental changes to anything unsustainable or overly complex.

When Saturn and Uranus face-off:

  • Tension rise in melding the old with the new

  • Traditional ways of thinking, being, and doing collide with new innovations, technologies, and systems

  • Complexity + Simplicity face-off

  • Anything status quo will be forced to change or be destroyed

  • Re-thinking and re-believing what is possible comes starkly into view

20th June – Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces | through 18th October
{moves back into Aquarius 28th July}

A time for:

  • Activation of higher levels of consciousness individually & collectively, hidden insights revealed through dreams, precognition and compassionate inquiry

  • Deeping of compassion, connection, and unity-consciousness will be overarching themes

Watch out for heightened mental instability, delusions of grandeur, PTSD triggers, and psycho-social challenges

20th June – Sun Enters Cancer

A time for:

  • Hearth & home, family, food, and connection

  • Emotional awareness, growth, and bonds

  • Personal psychology- discovering deeper personal motivations

Pay attention to where/when you experience happiness.

Prioritize those experiences and enjoy them.

22nd June – Mercury Direct

  • Where have you experienced shifts in perspective?

    • Who do you need to communicate this to?

      • Do it. Own your voice.

  • What’s piquing your curiosity?

    • Focus here.

  • Curiosity is a gateway to creative self-expression and soulful desires.

If you’ve been holding off on signing on the dotted line- give it 3 or 4 more days, assess your interest, take confident action.

24th June – Capricorn Full Moon
3° | 1:40 PM CST

A time of reflection and closure around outdated goals, responsibilities, and foundations.


Put your ambition and drive into recognizing what is limiting the achievement of your hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Become willing to heal overly masculine energies.
Greater maturity and wisdom will be revealed through honest exploration.

Focus Full Moon Intentions Around:

  • Following through on goals and ambitions

  • Defining personal responsibility

  • Recognizing areas of maturity and growth within yourself

  • Experiencing recognition, fulfillment, and satisfaction

  • Discipline

  • Building solid foundations with a heart-centered focus

Restrictive Qualities For Awareness, Change & Healing:

  • Resentment, holding on to anger or fear

  • Self-righteous attitudes and behavior

  • Taking things too personally

  • Feeling or acting overly responsible for external circumstances and others

  • Controlling and bossy behaviors

  • Fear of change and inflexibility


I open-heartedly focus on the areas in my life that are creating rigidity, inflexibility, and limiting the fulfillment of my hopes and dreams.

I offer them up to be healed, making room for exciting, new horizons.

25th June- Neptune Retrograde in Pisces |
through 1st December

  • Strip away your illusions. Get comfortable with the discomfort within.

  • Be mindful of worry, anxiety, and mental disturbances – seek support and help where needed.

  • Reflect on your dreams, desires, and fantasies – what you find may reveal the keys to your personal meaning.

27th June – Venus Enters Leo

A time for:

  • Feeling and being seen, adorned, and valued

  • Acting with affection, care, compassion, and consideration

Watch out for attention-seeking behaviors, neediness, insecurity, and victim mentalities



Keep your antenna up and alert!

Through getting present to your experiences and interactions this month, becoming willing to process lingering and

limiting emotions, you’ll not only find greater depth, clarity, and expression, you’ll also optimize your intuitive abilities.


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