Are You Leading Your Edge?

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Are you leading the edge of your life?

The more intentional you are in the personal presence you cultivate,
the greater your empowerment to evolve and be a trailblazer, personally and universally. 


Humanity is on the precipice of an auspicious time where the possibility of unlocking the dormant potential for inspired creative self-expression, spontaneity, and adaptability through communication and personal charisma is leading edge. 

Where in your life are you leading-edge? 

Tip: Start by setting the intention to practice transparency in your communication. 

Does your inside voice genuinely reflect your outside voice? Will you do this perfectly and consistently? Heck no. You’re human. 

Awareness of your voice can evoke a radical consciousness shift to unlock dormant potential.

Think: One mouth & two ears. Listening to your inner voice and others before communicating will harness your success. Also, check your tone. It’s easy to mean one thing, and your body language or voice inflection conveys a different message. Misunderstandings can result. And, you can end up sending mixed signals to the universe.



It’s both a personal & public service!

Exercising your ability to change your mind conscientiously is a massive gateway to affecting growth,
greater personal freedom, and inspiring new experiences, connections, and opportunities.

Change can be Spontaneous. 

  • When you feel the urge to shine your light with inspired charisma, do it!

  •  Show up as yourself when the lightning of the soul strikes.

  • See yourself and be seen. 

    • It not only will feel genuinely good, other people feel it too. It will trigger a contagious domino effect.

  • Spontaneously be of service to someone in need. Service is another contagious, heart-centered way to flex your unselfish love muscles. 

    • Reach out to a friend or loved one who may need support or help the older person at the grocery store to their car. 

When do you freely express your creativity?

When are you motivated to be spontaneous? How does it feel?

Who holds space and encourages your spontaneity and playfulness? 

How can you get outside of self and be of service both spontaneously and consistently this month? A little goes a long way.



Creative self-expression and spontaneity are not to be confused with irresponsibility or shirking commitments. 

When a bold idea inspires you, and it overlaps with a commitment:

  • Summon your integrity and communicate honorably with other parties involved

  • See if you can find creative solutions to both follow-through/honor your word AND incorporate inspired action

If you can’t figure out a solution – maybe there is a Soul-lution! Ask your Higher Self for divine guidance and see where inroads may appear that hadn’t been available before. -This is where you can unlock dormant potential.  



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Tweak your internal dialogue to become more aligned with your actions and interactions.

Is what you’re signing up for within the scope of your time, daily scheduling capacity, and balancing your health and wellbeing?

  • If you’re spread too thin, you may not show up in your fullest capacity and end up burnt out, resentful, or unable to experience reciprocity or presence that facilitates acting with intent.

  • Instead of saying Yes or No at the moment. Say: “Thank you for asking/including me. Can I get back to you?”

    • Take a little time and ask yourself:

      • Do I feel like doing this?

      • Is this a valuable use of my time?

      • If I say yes will I experience reciprocity, fulfillment, value?

      • Am I truly obligated, committed, or responsible for what’s being requested of me?

If the answers are mostly no, then be honest.

Responses such as:

  •  “Thanks for the opportunity- if I say yes, then I’ll be overcommitting and not showing up as my fullest self.”

  • Or just say: “No thank you”  – you don’t necessarily owe an explanation.

  • If you’re inclined to be of assistance but not in person with your time, maybe you suggest an alternative resource of solution for that person to follow up on 

    • Tip: You don’t need to do the following up for them – be resourceful but not enabling 




Inconsistency in our internal and interpersonal dialogues, commitments can lead to projection,
eruptions spewing out sideways onto people we love, or just happen to be in our path when a random outburst decides to surface. 

Prioritize listening to your thoughts and feelings in real-time. 

  • This will mitigate a build-up of resentments and frustrations. 

    • Simple, not easy. 

    • It takes being present in your interactions and your emotions in real-time

    • Quality over quantity. 

      • See if you can let go of excessive needs to multitask, and 

      • Instead, can you make time for reflection on what you feel rather than distracting, bypassing, or keeping busy to avoid discomforting feelings?

Hint: Whatever you feel, feel it. 

  • Whether it’s a heightened state of joy or happiness or apathy or anger, get honest and present to what’s surfacing within you.

    • Breathe into it for 3 to 4 cycles of breath rather than distracting with something that will just shove down the emotion. 





Joy is a state of being expressed from the heart & soul. It’s transcendent, charismatic, and contagious. 

When are you joyful?

What does it feel like?

Who evokes your joyful nature and spirit?

On joy: An oracle card always comes to mind and beautifully captures how we can be channels of divine creativity through our embodiment of joy. 


Oracle Card Reading

“Peaks of Joy” from The Enchanted Map Deck  by Colette Baron-Reid

“Joy is yours today!

No matter what your inquiry, you will be happy with the results.
You’re coming closer to a sense of achievement, and you’ve worked hard for it. You’re surrounded by faithful companions and events that are synchronistically arranged to bring you to the next level of your life.

The world is singing a beautiful harmony. Life is exhilarating and hopeful.
Let gratitude fill your heart, and remember to share your happiness.
Joy is contagious!”



“Peaks of Joy,” Oracle Message In Reverse:


“Do you rely too heavily on your material achievements when you assess how happy you are? Perhaps you say, ‘I’ll be happy when I meet the right lover/make the right amount of money/reach my ideal weight [and so on].’ Why wait to arrive at the perfect destination before allowing yourself to experience sheer delight?

This is a day for joy! Take a walk, listen to the songbirds, scratch a kitty’s head, play with a dog, look at a baby . . . and be in awe of life, which leads to a true sense of bliss. Be alive, be grateful, and know that happiness is an inside job.”


Synchronicity Alert: Take note of the 33 on the oracle card (it resonates with July’s numerology). The Master Number 33 is the number of healing through creativity, visionary wisdom and communication, charisma, attraction rather than promotion, and a joyful, wondrous heart.

Check out July’s Divine Timing, Tools & Tips for the Astro-Numero road map, if that’s your thing!




This beautiful stone activates dormant human potential through the root, sacral, solar plexus, and crown chakra.

It signals the human being rather than the human doing. 

Mookike Jasper gently clears physical, mental, emotional debris, distracting us from leading with our soul’s divine light and potential. 

It supports:

Emotional Balance & Well-being
Inspired Actions & Interactions. 

This powerful stone will help integrate your Higher Self and Divinity into and through your body. 


Awareness of the energy you’re embodying and sending out into the world with your thoughts, feelings, words, and interactions are masterful keys to leading-edge living. 

Healing, growth, elevated joy, ease, and conscious connection are up for grabs for each of us;
no matter what trials and challenges we face, higher forces conspire for us if we seek and recognize our abilities from within. 

Please create time for a bit of joy this month even if things are tough, see what or who can harness your happiness. It’s contagious and a soulful healer.

This is not spiritual bypassing, but whatever we focus on grows…
Use your creativity and the power of your presence to heal, grow and activate dormant potential. 

Let’s do this!