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October 2020 – Is Your Mind A Gatekeeper Or A Gateway?

When I began consciously living more intentionally and paying attention to my internal dialogue {the voice in my head}, I recognized patterns of speech that were generating and personifying an underlying attitude of lack, fear, and perpetual internal unrest. 

My mind was the grim reaper gatekeeper, standing guard to personal abundance, peace, and ultimately, conscious contact with The Divine.

It wasn’t that I was a pessimist. In fact, I mostly looked for the silver linings, striving to be and feel better. I realized that putting on a happy face while struggling internally is not making lemonade. 

By receptively talking to mySelf in a “you’re not enough” tone, I innately bought into the voice in my head telling me I was “less than” or “not enough.”  I lived in lack mode! All along, I was tap dancing on the outside and struggling to find genuine integration of my inside self and my identity. 

Say the word LACK aloud.

Now, say the word ABUNDANCE aloud.

They sound different. They feel different. 

Energetically, “Lack” feels small and finite. “Abundance” feels roomy, expansive and infinite. 

Once I made this connection and recognized my internal voice had a fundamental stronghold over my ability to experience sustainable ease in my overall experience, it was as if a lightbulb switched on. This transformative yet simple connection created a sense of meaning, a psycho-spiritual shift, even in the midst of life on life’s terms, painful truths, imbalanced relationships, and insecurities. 

By becoming consciously aware of the grim reaping, “small,” yet very loud voice in my head {my ego} and choosing to flip the script, I literally shifted my mind from The Gatekeeper to The Gateway of infinite possibilities. 

Let’s get clear: This is not a “one and done” deal. It’s a practice. It requires a willingness and dedication to conscious awareness and listening to the voice within.

IT’S NOT perfection.


Training and generating stamina. Aka, discipline & dedication.
Mental muscle building.
Rewiring the neural networks and pathways in the brain.
Getting out of the old loop.
Creating a new loop & living it. 

Part 1: Clear + Present Reality Check

Rather than blaming myself when I backslide into internal condescension of Self, I say: 

Photo Credit - Aman Daharwal

Photo Credit – Aman Daharwal

“Hold up! We {me and The Gatekeeper voice in my head} are not going to continue this conversation.” 

And then, I take a breath.

I refrain from psychoanalyzing the voice and where it’s coming from {I love to psychoanalyze myself, but that does not break up the beliefs & dialogue, it actually feeds into the neural-patterning loop}.

Instead, I pause, breathe {two or three breath cycles}, and hit a reset button in order to begin clarifying {literally through oxygenating my body with my breath} what’s real and what’s an outdated projection in my thoughts and internal operating system. -Essentially the mental programming and energy transfer that’s limiting me from moving into the next level of clarity, happiness, peace, faith, love, or whatever is stirring in my soul and higher consciousness.

Next, I ask:

What are the facts? -Flipping the script to my mind as a The Gateway…

Depending on the situation and the voice that’s gone off in my head I focus on things like:

~ Am I safe, right now?

~ Do I have enough food in my refrigerator?

~ Is the world on fire and am I in charge of saving it? 

Yes, it does feel like the world is on fire these days, but am I in charge of rescuing everyone & everything?

~ Am I totally alone in the world?

~ Do I have trusted, mostly unconditional people {no relationship is harmonic 100% of the time} in my life who love and support me, no matter what?

Remember: This is not about psychoanalyzing the limiting script in your mind, it’s about disrupting and halting it. 

The questions above are a sampling of me doing a reality-check and getting my mind focused on what’s fact of fiction in the present moment – these questions help me decipher the survival mode/fight or flight mentality and intensity that my brain {and ego} is usually imposing through conditioned dialogue, This helps with clarity as to if I am truly in danger or living internally in a limiting, reinforced restless reality of my magic magnifying mind.

Most of the time I am physically safe – I have enough food, and truly can’t remember a time recently when I didn’t {a privilege} – I do have someone, or multiple someone’s who I could trust to help me if I was willing to ask. These checkpoints are an opportunity for me to  recognize I’m not alone nor am I permitting The Gatekeeper sequestering my mind into a fictitious, fear-based dialogue going to trick me into believing that I have to live in constant survival mode. 

This all happens in about 30 seconds, by the way. It’s literally catching myself in the act of internal shaming and fight – pausing, breathing, resetting and redirecting the conversation to the truth of the present moment.  

Part 2: Faith + Gratitude 

If you’re going to decondition the mental patterning, let’s recondition it with The Gateway to infinite potential.

Photo Credit - @pretendfriendsmusic

Photo Credit – @pretendfriendsmusic

Next step, I ask: 

~ Do I trust and believe in my Higher Power and/or my Higher Self? 

~ Am I willing to give this situation/limiting dialogue to God or something divinely greater than my gatekeeping mind?

If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know,” that’s cool. Asking is more than enough to start and will produce results.

If the answer is “yes,” give it away to God, the Universe, your Higher Self… YOU do not have to create all the solutions! Doing it alone sometimes adds restriction. Become willing to remember in the present moment that your ego may be limiting your peace and joy, so why not collaborate with forces bigger than you for solution and new possibilities?

Either way, this further reiterates, re-patterns and shifts The Gatekeeper mind {ego} to The Gateway into infinite potential {higher consciousness}. It reprograms fear-based thought processes, and rewiring’s them from lack to abundance or something infinitely greater. 

Last, but not least, actually, last, but most! 

Get into gratitude. 

What am I grateful for right now? ~3 simple, real things off the top of your head

Take one breath cycle for each “gratitude.”

 -4 second inhale, hold one second; 4 second exhale, hold one second.

If you’re having trouble getting clear on what you’re grateful for in the moment, that’s okay too. I’ve found that sometimes the lack-patterning is so strong that it wants to block even the simplest recognition {re-cognizing of the neural patterning} of the high vibes. 

This is a simple deal but not always easy to implement in a disciplined way {a practice}. This reprogramming process can happen in a couple of minutes. The 2 minute pause alone and some breathing can disrupt the loop. There’s no perfect way with this. I’ve been practicing, playing, growing and learning with both The Gatekeeper and The Gateway for years, however because of the commitment I’ve made to my presence, and reprogramming, even during the most trying of times, I know my Soul’s Light is way brighter than my little, trouble-making, fear-based ego wants me to believe.

Listen to the small, yet influential voice in your head, recognize when it’s telling you fictitious stories of lack and limitation, and flip the script to broader, roomier possibilities.

This is faith, co-creating and collaborating with your Highest Potential.
Shifting from human to superhuman through your mind, consciousness and higher power.

This is simple, yet evolutionary.

Your cells, DNA, and overall health + wellbeing will thank you 🙂

I dare you to practice a little recognition this month, kick The Gatekeeper to the curb, and explore The Gateway of infinite potential available to you through the way you think. 

Harness your mind. Harness your voice. 

Remember, whatever we focus on does grow. Let’s grow – abundance rather than lack. 

I survive with a little help from my…crystals! Check out the October Divine Timing, Tools & Tips for crystal recommendations and energy cycles to support you. Fluorite {recommended specifically this month} is a kick-butt crystal for deconditioning limiting beliefs.

Quick Guide:

  • Get present.

  • Listen to the way you talk to yourself. 

  • When it’s limiting you, pause, and shut it down.

  • Breathe.

  • Reality check with survival questions (safety, food, severity, tribe).

  • Higher Self & Higher Power collaboration.

  • Gratitude.

Spoiler Alert: In November, I’ll focus on emotional intelligence and all the tools and tips to up-level your inner voice and dialogue for optimal meaning and getting to know yourself better