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How the Law of Attraction Works

You’ve most likely heard of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, but do you truly understand how these work? The Law of Attraction is a component of manifestation and intentionality; it is the foundation – the beginning route or basis for harnessing your ability to consciously design and interact with your reality.

By understanding how the Law of Attraction works, you can become a better, more conscious manifestor, live more intentionally, and find greater alignment. In this blog, I cover the basics of The Law of Attraction and dive deep into the spiritual, energetic side of this universal and ancient law.

a woman standing outside. she is wearing light blue jeans and a dark navy long-sleeve shift with scattered white stars. she is holding palo santo, which is burning and emitting smoke. she teaches how the law of attraction works

What is the Law of Attraction?

One of twelve universal laws, The Law of Attraction suggests that you create your own reality through your thoughts, emotions, words, and beliefs.

The basic principles of this law are:

  • Like attracts like

  • Limit buying into negative thinking

    • It’s important to not “spiritually bypass” or ignore challenging thoughts, experiences, and perspectives; life happens.

    • However, learning to get curious about “negative” thoughts and what they’re revealing to you is key.

    • Also, learning how to become willing to acknowledge and healthfully process or hold space for lower vibrational or limiting thinking & feeling is what gives you the upper hand to leverage your ability to shift your outlook, energy, thoughts, and desires.

  • The present moment is your most influential and empowering arena

The Law of Attraction is about bringing your attention, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs into focus.
Manifestation is the intentional and conscious act of bringing things into your life that are aligned with the highest good for all outcomes.

The Law of Attraction from a Spiritual Plane

Years ago, the Law of Attraction was popularized by a book, The Secret. The Secret, while groundbreaking, informative, and applicable, only included the basics of the Law of Attraction. The book and movie were mostly premised on attracting tangible things into your life. Material manifesting like conjuring a bike, a new relationship, a job, or money – all very powerful skills, yet not centered around innate fulfillment. The book was an excellent gateway to understanding how empowered we humans are as co-creators with Source, God, the Divine, and our human capabilities. That said, it didn’t focus on cultivating more non-ego-based principles of our capabilities that can fundamentally add value, meaning, and purpose to our lives; rather, it capitalized on the material.

Presently, with energy vastly speeding up, we are in a much more advanced state and experience.
Thus, utilizing manifestation, intention, and the building blocks of The Law of Attraction to live Higher, create greater meaning, purpose, fulfillment, health, optimal well-being, happiness, joy, love, and overall to be better humans is more of what we are seeking.

When I speak about the Law of Attraction as the foundation of manifestation and intentionality (or intention-setting), my outlook is about living better, higher, and contributing to the greatest good.

Over a decade ago, beyond setting intentions or working to attract specific, tangible things into my life, I created a conscious dialogue with my Higher Self. This was through a spiritual experience that right-sized my heart and soul.

Once I engaged in consistent conversation with my Higher Self, my living became higher and things would manifest incredibly in alignment with my vibrational quality, mental and emotional states, and most importantly with my beliefs (consciously and subconsciously.)

For me, The Law of Attraction combined with manifestation/intentionality is about living more consciously.

  • It’s about being present and aware of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and physical presence.

  • It’s about engaging and interacting with the world around you, what you sense, and your energetic Self.

This Law is about the alignment of all aspects of Self, which is also about being present.
~Being fully in your human and bringing your superhuman, your higher consciousness, into your human consciousness.

The Basics of How The Law of Attraction Works

The Law of Attraction is about alignment. You are always attracting things into your life that you are vibrationally (mentally, physically, emotionally & energetically) aligned with. This happens consciously and unconsciously / intentionally and unintentionally / aware and unaware.

Whether you know it or not, you are practicing the Law of Attraction right now.
Why? Because you are always transmitting energetic vibrations and signals at a subconscious level.

What you bring into your reality depends on what state of mind, emotion, and energy you’re presently in; thus, you may attract positive or challenging things / high vibrational or low vibrational experiences. Getting present; becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, and the voice in your head is important and imperative. The present is your “present.”

Once you begin to focus on your thoughts and notice what you’re thinking, you can shift your perspective. You can concentrate or call attitudes into what you desire. Desire is imperative. The emotional propulsion of desire, wanting, or longing is the secret ingredient to the equation in the formulation of manifestation; then, with the added belief that you are worthy of receiving what you are wanting to manifest, you are swiftly available to receive.

Intentional clarity, belief, desire, faith & receptivity are key!

Key principles:

  • Like attracts like. Our thoughts create our reality. Cultivating a mindset where you focus on what you are learning through your interactions, positive & challenging alike, is key and will bring positive, richly deep experiences into your life. Conversely, thinking and believing negatively, at a low vibration, or in lack, will attract challenging, low-vibrational experiences into your life (or will halt you from attracting the positive or limitless).

  • Limit negative thinking. By recognizing and processing/healing limiting or negative and critical thoughts from your mind, there is more room to fill your neural pathways with new and expansive outlooks, perspectives, and higher vibrational thoughts. This will help you be in a state of abundance, rather than lack.

  • The present is perfect. Again, back to positivity and abundance, by believing that what you want to attract is already yours, you’ll more quickly manifest higher vibrational circumstances. The present moment is where your power and empowerment are and always will be (mic drop!). Instead of focusing on lack, or how the present is flawed, focus on making the present the best it can be for you. Find your appreciation in the now. Get real, creative, and expansive with whatever you have to work with. You’re the master of your reality!

a woman sitting in the grass blowing out a match she used to light some palo santo. she has blonde hair and a navy shirt with white stars. she teaches how the law of attraction works

Misalignment and Resistance in the Law of Attraction

When you are out of alignment, you are in a state of resistance.

An example of what resistance looks like in the energy frequency field:

  • Imagine you’re driving, and there’s a torrential downpour. You’ve got a death grip on the steering wheel at ten and two; the windshield wipers on full blast, and you can barely see the road in front of you. You’re hunched over, nose close to the windshield, just praying that you make it home safely, without incident.

That’s frightening and hyper-focused. It is a very resistant, determined, and uneasy feeling, right? It’s actually so overly masculine and intense, that it creates a low-vibrational energy field. Yes, you’re in survival mode (fight or flight) to get home safely or not harm anyone else, but imagine this during your workday answering emails or in over-analysis over a rough situation with a significant other, family member, or co-worker?

This kind of locked-down, hyper-focused, fear-based energy has the same effect. That said, when you notice yourself in a tight, jaw-locked-down, state of resistance – overly focused, tense, and trying space, you’re likely in a state of lack, blocked, or out of energetic alignment. To open up, clear the resistance and reconnect with your conscious contact with Source, relax, breathe, and become still. Your empowerment is in the now.

When you are still, open, and in a listening or receptive state, you’re more likely able to connect with your Higher Self or God. This is the most optimal place of manifestation; what we call being in the quantum field.

Words to consciously eliminate: Trying and should are highly energetically resistant and imply that you aren’t going to be able to attain something.

Phrases to consciously incorporate: I Am. I am available for _____. I am thankful that XYZ is organically and fulfillingly coming into my experience.

Instead of saying “I’m trying to do XYZ today,” or “I should do XYZ today,” say “I AM going / doing / experiencing XYZ today,” or “I am available for organically accomplishing XYZ today.”

Types of Resistance in the Law of Attraction

Physical Resistance. This is when you’re physically tense and closed off.

Mental Resistance. This is when you get into the thought loop of I’m depressed. I’m not getting out of this. It’s not okay. I’m not going to be able to do it. I can’t do this. I don’t have the time. I don’t have the privileges someone else has. I don’t have the talent, etc.

Emotional Resistance. This is like the fuel to your thoughts or mental resistance. It creates frustration, impatience, disdain, disillusionment, depression, aggravation, anger, etc. A myriad of negative emotions can marinate in your consciousness and subconsciousness, contributing to even more resistance.

Becoming Aligned and Receptive in the Law of Attraction


Your posture and body language are the first and most simple tools to work on within the Law of Attraction.

Think about how you feel when you have your arms crossed, your body is tense; you’re very closed off or making yourself small. Psychologically, this says that you aren’t in a state of openness or receptivity.

Think about how you feel when you loosen and relax your body, you confidently sit up straight with your shoulders back, align and loosen your hips, and elongate your spine. This is signaling to your mind that you are alert, awake, and receptive.


Your mind is always thinking; you have over 6000 thoughts per day. So many of your thoughts are unconscious or repetitive, and you don’t even recognize what’s running through your brain.

To become mentally aligned, gain clarity, and open up to a state of receptivity, it’s imperative to listen to the voice in your head / the thoughts you’re thinking.

Notice what you’re thinking. When you wake up in the morning, do you immediately start thinking things like, Ugh, I have a laundry list of things to do today, or I wish it were Saturday, but it’s only Tuesday?

Whatever arises, notice, be a witness; most importantly, don’t judge what’s coming through. The muscle you’re strengthening is about becoming more self-aware, aligned, and receptive. Judging your thoughts will cause just as much resistance as the thoughts themselves.

Negative or limiting self-talk, internal or external, creates resistance. Become aware of your resistant thoughts in order to reframe them into more receptive, aligned thoughts.

This is not about looking at life through rose-colored glasses or any kind of spiritual bypassing. Life happens. We all have tremendous amounts on our plates. Now more than ever we can get mentally, emotionally, and physically overwhelmed.

Mental awareness and healing will support you in strengthening your sense of empowerment and inspiration through the magnificent abilities of your physical body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit. It’s about connecting with your Higher Self, Source, God, or whatever you call your higher power through the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction. And then once you better understand how powerful your thoughts are, moving into manifestation and intentionality becomes about higher living, attracting, and experiencing greater happiness, joy, and abundance.

Emotional Intelligence

Your emotions stem from your mind / thoughts. As I mentioned above, listen to your thoughts without judging them, and realize that your self-talk is a key component in conditioning your daily experiences. Emotional intelligence is the ability to become aware of your feelings in real time and healthfully communicate with, process, and utilize them to speak and feel your true, authentic self and nature (dark and light emotions included).

Thoughts and emotions are like jet fuel. Do you mainly feel uplifted, discouraged, or numb? We all feel exhausted, disillusioned, frustrated, resentful, and other forms of fear-based emotions at times. We are human. It’s what we do with and how we respond to or process emotion in the present moment which counts (joy and sorrow alike).

The longer you hold onto an emotion in your body, the greater it affects your vibration and what you’re attracting (positive and challenging alike).

Can you take time to ask: How do I feel about this? If so, inhale and exhale that emotion for around 18 to 20 seconds. This will process the challenging feelings and conversely, help you raise your vibration with the jubilant emotions.

Emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial factors in manifestation. The more you’re in agreement and correspondence with your emotions, the faster, healthier, and more clearly you’ll become a conscious co-creator of your reality.

a woman sitting sideways with her head looking up and eyes closed. she teaches how the law of attraction works. she is wearing a navy shirt with white stars. she has blonde hair. the background is a teal colored wood

Shifting Your Perspective

Once you begin to recognize your thoughts and emotions, this is where you can begin to shift your perspective in the direction of heightened desires, intentions, and aims.

Neural Patterning – Practice While Brushing Your Teeth

You can train your brain frequencies, connect new neural pathways, and shift your perspective for greater clarity and direction each day while brushing your teeth. Many of us are fortunate enough to get to brush our teeth a couple of times a day. It’s hard to say you can’t find the time; discipline and routine are important.

If you notice you are dragging between the bed and the bathroom sink, that’s okay, you’re human; you get to feel and be present in your reality. Start with the physical body. Roll your shoulders back, align and elongate your spine, relaxing any tension you may have.

When you brush your teeth, I always suggest using your non-dominant hand because it helps retrain neural networks in the right and left hemispheres of the brain and build pathways of cognition. Doing this helps you strengthen your physical body and your mind.

Brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand is uncomfortable, awkward, and frustrating. Instead of allowing these emotions to take over, laugh (this is where the emotional component comes in)! You laugh because it’s silly and unnatural. This will help you to not take yourself so seriously. It is the “taking yourself too seriously,” “the trying,” or “the forcing” that sticks you in a state of mental resistance.

By taking the pressure off of yourself, laughing, and brushing your teeth with the non-dominant hand, you’re becoming more aligned. Now that you are emotionally, mentally, and physically more receptive, you can shift your perspective. In this case, you can say something like:

  • I trust energy will flow through me naturally and abundantly today.

  • Thank you for an abundance of time in my energy field to not only accomplish the things that I have on my plate, but to enjoy a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Today I will experience productivity, happiness, and ease.

  • Appreciation consciously flows through my mind, body, and spirit.

Practice Any Time of Day

This exercise can be practiced at any time, anywhere. Even if you’re not brushing your teeth, stand still, breathe wholly in and out for three cycles of breath, and use your voice to clarify and articulate your intentions. Any time you are noticing resistant thoughts or high vibrational ones, you can take a couple of minutes to realign yourself and shift your perspective.

Follow the same steps for the evening as the morning. To give you an example of something you can say:

  • Tonight, as I sleep, I am grateful for a restorative night’s sleep.

  • Thank you for my mind, body, and spirit waking up well-rested, clear, and vibrant.

  • As I sleep, I organically hit the reset button on my body and will experience physical, mental, emotional, and energetic healing and renewal throughout the night.

  • I am in awe of the increasing happiness, freedom, health, well-being, enjoyment of the people in my life, and blessings I have, even through my struggles. Thank you!

Believing is Key in The Law of Attraction

You will reach the point where you are consistently clearer with your language, present to the voice in your head, and ability to pay attention to the receptivity of your physical body. At this point, you have started to align the mind with higher thinking, increased clarity, sustained focus, more intentionality, and intentional direction in the words you choose to use.

Next Level: Now it’s time to shift your perspective higher and focus on what you believe. Your beliefs are an open freeway for manifesting your desires. Shift your thoughts to believe that you are worthy of receiving your desired aims.

Resistance blocks your ability to receive energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Worthiness opens up your receptivity.

So start to change your thoughts; your inner dialogue…

I believe that I am worthy of experiencing happiness.

I believe that I am worthy of feeling beautiful.

I believe that I am worthy and capable of doing well in school this semester.

I believe I am worthy of enjoying romance.

*You can also say: I know I am.. or Thank you that I am open to believing…

It’s easy to say and sometimes true:

  • I’m exhausted. I’ve had a hard day.

But with the Law of Attraction and manifestation, you’ll want to flip the script and say:

  • Today my plate is full, and I am grateful that I’ve got the time, resources, and ability to accomplish my priorities with ease and delight.

  • My outlook, energy, and time effortlessly expand.

  • I am thankful I will get to relax and recharge in the evening.

To work with the Law of Attraction, and live a Higher life, paying attention to your internal and audible voice, as well as your beliefs, will help you rewire the resistance for greater ease, receptivity, and abundance.

Recognizing and Rewiring Your Limiting Beliefs

Recognizing Your Limiting Beliefs

Being present to your desires and emotions, as well as recognizing your beliefs and the thoughts / words used around them is a real game-changer. This is what accelerates manifestation; or what I prefer to call: “conscious co-creation.”

In becoming a conscious co-creator with your Soul, your Higher Self, and the Divine or God; your Higher Self and your human self are collaborating for not only your highest good, but for The Highest Good of All.

As I established above, your beliefs are important. If you aren’t clear on what you believe, it’s easy to figure out what you don’t believe, so start with that. Maybe you have beliefs like:

  • I don’t believe I’ll ever have enough money to retire.

  • I don’t believe I can lose 20 pounds, keep it off, and feel healthy.

  • I don’t believe I’ll ever find the right person.

  • I don’t believe ___________ (fill in the blank).

You may not be saying “I don’t believe XYZ,” but you may have an underlying emotion or feeling that keeps coming up, like:

  • It’s really hard for me to make money.

  • It’s really hard for me to keep a job.

  • It’s really hard for me to eat healthily and lose weight.

  • Dating is really hard and feels impossible.

You want to recognize all of your limiting beliefs and all of the corroborating resistance. These are the awesome obstacles that you have the opportunity to flip the script on.

Rewiring Your Limiting Beliefs

The obstacles, or limiting beliefs, are typically hardwired values and outlooks that lie in your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is a heavy hitter of what you’re attracting. Your unconscious mind is usually replaying old stories from your childhood, past traumas, dramas, and reality. Now you get to begin healing and learning how to rewrite those stories through the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and intentional living.

Manifestation is about becoming the co-author of your own story; rewriting the story that was given to you as a child or in past experiences.

Learning to recognize your beliefs, both conscious and unconscious is key. Whatever belief or feeling you have that continues to come up often indicates a chunk of your reality.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. Your thoughts, and really your beliefs, create your reality. By noticing the beliefs and thoughts you have that are low vibrational, you can consciously choose to shift your perspective. The beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you in a state of dis-ease, unhappiness, discontent, sadness, loneliness, lack, scarcity, fear, or keeping you away from love, happiness, joy, freedom, flexibility, fun, creativity, etc. are divine opportunities awaiting your empowered perspective and intentionality.

Once you become in dialogue with your beliefs, that’s when you can begin to rewire them higher. Do not get overwhelmed; simply start with one or two beliefs. Your goal is to take a limiting belief, turn it into unlimited potential, and open up the door to the realm of infinite possibilities.

Understanding Your True Desires

Let’s say your repetitive thoughts are:

  • I am always going to have to work hard to earn money, and I’ll never be able to retire.

  • It’s going to be forever before I retire.

  • I’m not going to have enough money in the bank. I’m always going to be working paycheck to paycheck.

  • I’m tired of working paycheck to paycheck.

  • This is just my story, and I don’t see a way out of it. 

There’s your limiting belief – I’m destined to work paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life.

So what would a healthier belief be?

  • I am open, I am willing, and I am worthy of building up assets and money in my banking and savings account to create greater flexibility, ease, security, and abundance.

  • I believe I am worthy of feeling secure.

  • I trust and believe that I can begin to build a savings account in my life for more pleasurable, easy, and comfortable living.

  • I believe I am worthy of creating financial freedom.

  • I am naturally becoming generous with my time, resources, and talents.

Once you start breaking your beliefs down, you’ll begin to notice what you are truly desiring.

In this example, of course you don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck, but it’s more than just that. That is just the obstacle that’s in front of you that you get to use as an opportunity.

Your true desires are that you want to live comfortably, you want to feel a sense of security, you want to experience abundance, and you want financial freedom and flexibility.

Once you can figure out your emotional desires, in this case, security, comfort, abundance, and freedom, then these are what you are truly wanting to manifest.

a woman who teaches how the law of attraction works is sitting on the grass. she is holding burning palo santo above her head which is emitting smoke. she is clearing her space.

Next Steps

It’s very important to understand how the Law of Attraction works before you start manifesting if you want to see results. Not only understanding the basics of the Law, but also looking at it from a spiritual perspective, understanding resistance vs. receptivity, and beginning to reframe and rewire your limiting beliefs.

Now that you have the foundations of how the Law of Attraction works, this is where you can move into more intentional manifestation. Keep an eye out for my next blog, where I’ll dive into manifestation and intentionality.

In the meantime, my 18-Day Meditation Dedication will really support you in rewiring your limited beliefs and unlocking your unlimited potential. This will be especially helpful when you truly start intentionally manifesting, as it will help you set the foundation to start seeing results.