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February 2021 – Divine Timing, Tools & Tips

February is a month for rethinking strategies, not jumping the gun, and healing. 

Practice discernment, and you might just find yourself in some fortunate circumstances. 



Mercury is retrograde or in its shadow phase the entire month
This look-back phase {the first of 3 Mercury retrogrades of 2021, all in air signs} is ideal for contemplating future plans, dreams, and rethinking strategies for more incredible innovation, genius insights, and reassessing your affiliations and social networks for relevancy. It’s not ideal for action until after the 20th or even holding off until March, where possible. 

If there was ever a Mercury retro cycle to be mindful of potential technical glitches, set-backs, interruptions, and disruptions, this is it! 

Don’t let the trickster trip you up. Watch out for paralyzing fear. Instead, be strategic and navigate the obstacle course cleverly and with zest and faith rather than confusion and frustration. 

Venus wears the mask of Aquarius and Pisces
Be mindful of changes in taste, love interests, money matters/investments.
Diversify relationships, investments, and aesthetics. Artistic innovation and inspiration are likely. 

Saturn sextiles Chiron {1st of 3 sextiles in 2021}
*This energetic influence has been building since the end of 2020 and will be felt through early April. The last transit was in 1973 {in different astrological signs}
Good fortune and karma materialize if you’re dedicating time to maturing and healing your individual spiritual journey.

Saturn squares Uranus {the 1st of 3 squares in 2021}

*This energetic influence will be felt most of the year
Circumstances may be frustrating, behaviors abrupt, and blockages to innovation and progress can occur.

Restlessness, dissatisfaction, and technological glitches are par for the course.
Be flexible.
Pack your patience.

Pad your schedule with extra time and breathing room.


Feb 1st: Venus enters Aquarius
Love, values, and money matters are expressed with innovation, unique style and ideals of unity.
Interdependence alongside an open heart + mind are keys to relationship synergy. Be flexible.

Feb 9th: Saturn in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries
You’re the Hero of your story. Determined innovation can come from healing rather than wounding.
Feel secure in your unique self-expression. Pursue a vision with success and confidence.

Feb 11th: Aquarius New Moon
Break your patterns. Own your path of light, freedom, and innovation.
Individuate yourSelf. Be loyal to your truth. 

Feb 17th: Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

Stock market instability. Political tensions flare. Personal upheaval. Conflicting ideologies.
Now is not an ideal time to sign a contract, invest, or make peace. Wait out the storm. Lay low. 

If it’s a battle not worth fighting, walk away. 

Does this need to be said right now?

Does this need to be said by me?

Does this need to be said at all?

Feb 18th: Sun enters Pisces
Revitalized compassion, ideals, and creativity. Renewed experience of awareness of the world.
Psychic insights & prophetic dreams are possible. Expanded consciousness and spiritual growth.

Be mindful of delusional thinking, over idealization, and escapism.

Feb 20th: Mercury stations direct in Aquarius
Pay attention. Connect the cosmic dots. Solve mysteries. 

Think “revolutionary genius.”

-MLK Jr, Bob Marley, and Thomas Edison all had their natal Mercury in Aquarius. 

Feb 25th: Venus enters Pisces
Romance, sensuality, and sentimentality are in the air. Feelings are a gateway to intuition.
One of the most positive aspects of this transit is for experiencing a high sense of self-worth. 

Capitalize on this energy for healing personal judgment and shame; be mindful of inflated egos.

Watch out for idealizing relationships, feeling victimized, and placing expectations on others. 

You’ll likely save yourself some grief and disappointment once lady love moves into fiery, independent Aries next month.

Feb 26th: Jupiter in Aquarius trines the North Node in Gemini
Cosmic downloads. Futuristic insights. Seeing beyond the surface. 

Something magical could be intertwined with your personal destiny.
Prometheus-like, evolutionary contributions are available by reaching outside comfort zones, seizing humanitarian opportunities, and not underestimating human abilities.

Feb 27th: Virgo Full Moon
Detox excess. Practice practicality. Heal judgmental attitudes.
Serve from the heart without expectation or ulterior motives. Feel satisfaction in your service.



Aquarius New Moon

23° | February 11th | 1:06 PM CST


 “Answers appear when you begin to search for them, both from inside and from the outside world.”
-Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment


Break your patterns.
Own your path of light, freedom, and innovation.
Individuate yourSelf.
Be loyal to your Truth. 

Aquarius New Moon Intention
I open my mind to evolutionary possibilities within my biology and clear patterns of confusion. 

I am open to change. 



Aquarius Archetypes

The Innovative Genius

The Scientist 

The Rebel Rouser & Exile


Body Bonus:

In your body, Aquarius Governs

Legs, ankles, and circulatory system

Aquarius Chakras

Third Eye Chakra – I am interconnected with the universe within. I trust in and listen to the innate wisdom of my cells, DNA, and muscle memory.  

Heart Chakra – I am a divine channel of love, light, and service to humanity’s overall well-being. Heart-centered innovation flows through me gracefully. 

Divine Tips

Network with inspiring groups aligned with your personal vision and dreams.

Align your personal vision with your humanitarian mission. Be loyal to your truth.

Dream freely and think outside the box. Change your mind. Break your patterns.

Champion a cause close to your heart. Gather facts. Follow grounded beliefs.

Innovate with courage and integrity. Own your path of light & freedom.  

Potential Blind Spots
Following the herd or, conversely,  alienation
Blind faith & beliefs.
Rebellion for the sake of rebellion {rebel without a cause}
Betraying yourSelf. 

Soulful Aquarian New Moon Inquiries

Do my friendships, networks, and affiliations support my goals and dreams, or do they keep me playing small? 

What are my top 3 priorities this month? How will my actions support these passions?

Do I blindly believe what I hear, or do I probe, get curious and seek my own inner truth and knowing? 

What is my personal truth today?

-This is a bit esoteric, so think:

What do I truly believe in and know in my bones?

-choose one of two things and go with that. Do not overthink this. Trust what instinctually comes to you. 

When am I innovative? How do I express my genius insights and ideas with courage, confidence, and wisdom? Prioritize this!


Divine Tool: Blue Kyanite 

This is the stone of Truth with a capital “T.” It’s a high vibrational stone that clears, rebalances, and aligns all chakras and systems in the body. It will simultaneously ground and enlighten. 

-This was the second crystal I ever worked with {what feels like a lifetime ago}. It was a game-changer, personally and spiritually. My consciousness and extra-dimensional communication skills organically and incrementally opened with a sense of trust, curiosity, and knowing. 

If you choose to work with this stone, get ready to open up to unexpected wisdom and hidden truths…

Virgo Full Moon
8° | February 27th   | 2:17 AM CST



“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” 

― Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan

Detox excess {physically, mentally, emotionally + spiritually}

Practice practicality.
Heal judgmental attitudes.

Serve from the heart without expectation.

Feel satisfaction through your service.


Virgo Full Moon Intention:
I affirm and act as if I am worthy of my own love. Life is wholly worth living. I am present to my body, respect its intelligence, and use it effectively. 




Virgo Archetypes

The Servant 

The Analyst & Perfectionist

The Martyr


Body Bonus:

In your body, Virgo Governs

Filtration and digestive systems {kidneys, intestines, abdomen}



Solar Plexus  – I heal through empowered, authentic action and unconditional service. I experience personal transformation through practical, realistic efforts and pure motives. 

Throat Chakra – I naturally practice self-acceptance. I detoxify perfectionistic and judgmental attitudes with compassion, acceptance, and patience. 


Divine Tips

Detox! -This is The Moon for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual purging, and purification.

Self-care, self-acceptance, and self-service

Service to others without motivation or attachment {get out of self & into service}

Feeling and experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done. Finding fulfillment in practical tasks. 

Prioritizing health and wellness in daily routines

Efficacy and efficiency

Divine Tool: This Full Moon is a great time to dedicate to “cleaning house.” Need some direction? Got you covered! The Soul Pathology Declutter Workbook is designed to heal the 2020 clutter and hangover and guide you into greater clarity, momentum, and personal growth in 2021. 


Potential Blind Spots
Feeling deficient or less than.
Over-doing, working, or perpetual business.
Critical self-talk.
In the weeds – getting lost in the details or analysis paralysis.


Soulful Virgo Full Moon Healing Inquiries


What attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs are toxic to my well-being? 

What am I willing to change, heal, or let go of to prioritize my health in the month ahead?

When/where am I overwhelmed or disorganized? How can I simplify or set realistic goals to create clarity and practicality in these areas? Do it!

What is an example of being of “service without motives” for me? Will I set an intention to reach out and be of service in the next month when I need to get out of “self?” 

Divine Tool: Get out of self. Be of Service Healing Practice.

-When self-critical, discouraging, or over-analysis creeps in:

  1. Recognize the low vibrational energy and patterning

  2. Make a conscious decision to de-program limited conditioning

  3. Get out of self! Reach out to someone in need or do something service-oriented

    {with no ulterior motives except to change your stinkin’ thinkin and be of service}

  4. When you experience upliftment or satisfaction with your service, feel it!
    Say aloud: “Oh wow!” “Yess!” or “Hallelujah!”


Divine Tool: Hematite 

Winner of the best bang for your buck detoxification stone! {in my book}. This stone pulls heavy emotions, toxins, impurities, and low-vibrational energies from the body. It is excellent for purifying an environment. It sniffs out toxins like a bloodhound and works efficiently to transmit and clarify. 

Watch out- This stone works best in small doses.  It’s like a magnet for anything impure but can also pull too much or too fast. 

-Every time I wear this stone on my right wrist {the right side of the body expels or exerts energy}; within a day, I can get a headache or feel extremely drained. So, I listen to my body and take it off. I’ll put it next to my bed instead and ask that it work with me in a sustainable and healing capacity.

March 2021 Divine Timing Preview:

March is more fluid astrologically than February. February asks us to show up, pay attention, find hidden meaning, and practice discernment. You’ll be able to use the lessons and tests from February and potentially find a rhythmic flow. It may feel like you’ve got your mojo back. Creativity, intellectual zest, and curiosity are high, with Mars entering Gemini early in the month and Mercury entering Pisces following. 


Mars enters Gemini 

Mercury in Aquarius conjuncts Jupiter 

Pisces New Moon 

Mercury enters Pisces 

Venus enters Aries

Libra Full Moon

Venus conjunct Chiron