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Do you hear the stars?

Simple ways to adapt your senses through the Sun, Moon & Earth for greater clarity in a revolutionary decade.

One of the ways I sum up the past decade and bridge the 2020 gap is through my passionate love affair with the sky. Just ask my husband. He will totally tell you my not so secret lover is the cosmos. He actually might qualify the relationship as my obsession with sky-gazing and communication with the Sun, Moon, stars and all the other stuff out there. 

 It’s not only a love affair, it is an intimate dialogue between my eyes and all my senses. 

Looking up to the clouds started with birds. To be specific, a vulture [the Great Purifier; my personal totem]. Interpreting and integrating their transcendental animal wisdom into my reality, heading the warnings, validating the truths and trusting the divine design of the universe became my normal.  Then came Sun gazing and utilizing the first rays of the Sun for greater clarity, heightened extrasensory abilities and leveling-up my energy [before it became catch to use the phrase “leveling-up”]. 

My next infatuation was through a dark side of the sky with the nasty appearance of chemical trails. Watching drones and piloted craft [a whole other ethical argument] crisscrossing the heavens with toxic webs that block the rays of the Sun, drool toxins into our atmosphere, and infiltrate our bodies with harmful, dumbing-down elements both collectively and environmentally traps us in a disease loop. This continues to sadden and distress me. It is an unfortunate reality that so many ignore or excuse. Sigh.


Back to the light [our most potent human resources is our ability to intentionally infiltrate the darkness with light]: Co-creating through ritual and ceremony under the New and Full Moons [I have a Book of Ceremonies for that…] became a foundational part of my spiritual practice. I have performed hundreds of personal and group ceremonies with empowering and tangible results. However, most notably from my time under the Moon, learning to communicate with the stars, star systems and interstellar intelligence passing through our reality [yes, craft and intelligent extra-dimensional life] has long been part of my personal evolution. 


I remember a few years ago, under a dark yet twinkling sky outside the Austin City Limits, intuitively laying out a crystal grid, New Moon intentions on specially Full Moon charged paper [my personal ritual I incorporated years ago from Barbara Marciniak and her remarkable channelings of the Pleiadians], and hearing a voice – not like an actual Morgan Freeman voice, but an impression, deep down that said, “we seek you.” I looked up, and instantly my eyes went to a spacecraft darting erratically faintly in the distance with laser-like streaming lights. I could feel my biology communicating with the craft and its passengers but couldn’t translate it, yet I inherently knew my precognitive and telepathic abilities were deepening, expanding and exponentially adapting for greater clarity, knowing and being. 

Since this time, I look to the stars and the vast expanse that has so much more than meets the eye in pure wonderment. I’ve seen and interacted with multiple inter-dimensional craft and beings – I also have multiple witnesses to corroborate this including my husband, one of my sisters, my mother and multiple friends. I trust the information and intelligence given and received. Mostly, my intelligence exchange isn’t about me interpreting it and sharing the information publicly at this point, rather it’s about knowing what’s out there for our human, multi-dimensional evolution there in the big beyond. 

Now, onto sharing simple ways you can facilitate greater clarity, deepen your extrasensory abilities, intuition and invite in a greater sense of peace, ease and flow. 2020, the opening of a revolutionary decade, is an ideal opportunity to prioritize time, space and intention for silent communion in nature.  The simple rituals below are ones that I cultivated through precognitive downloads, past/future life memories, and multiple synchronistic sources. These offerings I share with you are my go-to, personal practices that accompany the excavation of my innate being, cultivate greater truth, and ultimately, expand my consciousness.  


If morning is your time…


Stand in Tadasana [Mountain Pose]. 
Feet shoulder-width apart. Arms by your side. Palms out. Chin lifted. 
Feel elongation through the crown of your head. 

With care and common sense, open your eyes for a moment, gazing into the first light rays of the Sun [the star powerplant of our solar system] and then close your eyes. Drink in the transmitted intelligence of the rays through every pore on your body. Infiltrate your entire biology with cosmic clarity, a consciousness that extends beyond any human capabilities you know, and surety that you are part of something primal and timeless. 

Acknowledge the transmission with your head + heart. Breath.
[Do this in moments or minutes.]


I receive the transmission of infinite intelligence, permeating all aspects of my being, cleansing and clearing my auric field, cells and biology. I breathe in the Sun’s rays of primordial energy and exhale greater health, well-being and connection to the heartbeat of the universe.


If you’re a daytripper…


Nature breaks are the new smoke break in your day!
*If you’re stuck in an office building, in the car or prohibited from actually touching the ground, you can use your sensory imagination and envision your bare feed are cradled by the wild wisdom of Earth.

Take your shoes off. Stand on the bare Earth [the Living Library].  

Wiggle your toes. Actively spread them out, and lift them up. 
Rock back and forth from your heels to the balls of your feet awakening the reflexology points and stimulating every organ in your body. 

Come into your Mountain Pose. Feet shoulder width apart. Palms together at your heart. Chin tucked to chest, bowing your head to your heart. Ground into the Earth energy through your feet. Connect into the wisdom of your heart. 


Imagine that you have roots sprouting from your feet through the ground, penetrating millions of layers and lifetimes, down into whatever you believe pulses at the Earth’s core [a gigantic crystal, ball of fire, the eternal waters of life, or a hollow cavern in the quantum field]. 


Offer the biological intelligence of your cells, DNA and consciousness to the Earth with an audible exhale and sincere belief. Inhale the timeless particles of infinite possibilities from the billions of particles of the Living Library. Repeat.
[Do this in moments or minutes.]



I root my cells and being into the Earth’s core, offering the pure rhythm of the primal lifeforce pulsing through the consciousness of my bloodstream. I drink in the records of existence and inherent light intelligence into my human biology, upgrading all facets of my being.

If nighttime is the right time…


See if you can intuitively hear where your gaze is called. Without a second thought, look up.

Eyes open. Chin lifted. Breathe deeply, and gaze towards whatever star, constellation, Moon, planet, spacecraft or vast blackness speaks to and through you. 

Stand in Mountain Pose. Feet hip width apart. Left hand on your belly. Right hand on your chest. 

Whatever phase the Moon [the manifestation of unconscious emotional rhythms that pull and push your Soul into consciousness], telepathically ask for the innate rhythms of the cosmos to penetrate your senses. Transmit your unique frequency and imprint directly out into the atmosphere with your eyes. 

See what you hear, deep in your biology and cosmology. Trust. 
[Do this in moments or minutes.]



My body is a transmitter and receiver of pure, positive potential. I trust it’s divine design. I honor my body’s evolutionary genius. I clearly communicate meaning. Quantum light codes flow through my being. I am light.

Please take these personal practices of mine from the last decade and make them your own! If you are willing to prioritize routine communion with the natural rhythms of the Earth, Sun, and Moon, you will set a precedent for a decade ahead and send a clear signal out into the universe that you are available for upgrades in your human biology. Your destiny will begin taking a new shape and it will ripple out throughout all lines of time and space. Greater fulfillment, peace, trust, clarity and meaning will naturally flow to and through you.

 If you’re listening- the stars just may talk back.