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Divine Design

August offers empowered momentum for collaborating with your Higher Self and designing a life where you can optimally combine Your Human Capital alongside Your Soul Potential.

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Think about this: When you team the Human You with the Soul You in a way that feels deliberate and intentional, you’ll create a greater fulfillment, manifest new opportunities, and ultimately, find more flow rather than resistance. 

Each day, I intend to be available for creating an experience of sustainability and greater ease through clear communication with my Higher Self and willingness to receive Divine guidance with gratitude and grace.

Will you join me in this?

2020 continues to bait each of us with intense lessons. Where I’m seeing the greatest bang for your buck and biggest Soul-level shifts in people is through the ability to combine healthy masculine energies like taking clear, practical and efficient action {no more overdoing or more is more} alongside feminine energies such as receptivity, patience and trust {no more receiving with conditions or justification, just receiving because we are worth it}.

Ask yourself – What do I want to create this month?


4 Key Components for Your Divine Design in August:

1.      Trust is the 1st key spiritual component to maximizing opportunities for abundant Divine Design in August. Trust requires the intangible element of the “F” word, faith.

  • What does trust mean to me today?

  • Whom do I trust?

  • Do I practice trust in a Higher Power? How?

Why is trust or the spiritual component the first step in Divine Design?

It’s not called “Divine” for nothing. This is your month to level up, seed dreams into reality through your faith, and trust that there is intelligent, loving energy waiting for you to communicate. Ask for assistance. What do you have to lose?

2.     Knowing your human resources and prioritizing them as assets is the 2nd mental component to clearly enacting your Divine Design.

  • Where do I excel?

  • What are my greatest assets and talents?

  • How will I direct my talents this month towards creating my vision?

3.      Creating and implementing a clear, efficient plan of action is the 3rd physical component of Divine Design.

  • What practical steps and actions can I take towards my vision this month?

  • Who can I call upon for guidance, help and accountability? Take Action, and call on them, ASAP!

    Head’s Up: No one said your Human Resources were “just” you…


4.     Listening to your emotions and crediting them with intelligent insight is the 4th emotional component of Divine Design this month.

When I imagine the creation of my vision naturally coming to life this month, what does that feel like?

  • Take a moment to feel these feelings.

  • Allow yourSelf to receive these feelings unconditionally.

  • Breathe and offer your gratitude to your emotional wisdom.

What limiting feelings (fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, insecurity, and so on) arise around my vision this month?

  • Acknowledge the limiting feelings honestly (as they arise throughout the month) without judgment.

  • Thank them (yes, thank them) for whatever purpose they may have served in the past (they were born from your ego trying to help at some point in the past).

  • Take 3 in and out breath cycles and allow the emotion to process.

  • Tell the limiting emotion that they are not a Key Component to Your Divine Design.

 Divine Design is about You clarifying Your vision and getting InSpired (in Spirit)!

 There’s no better month in 2020 for creating  _______________(fill in your blank).


Make sure you download this month’s Free Meditation Gift to support you in your Divine Design.

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