December 2020 – Divine Timing, Tools & Tips

Faith without works…

December 2020 is a month for heart-centered purification, actively putting faith into practice, and reclaiming your innately divine empowerment!

Below are my 2020 parting:

Divine Timing {Eclipses, Full Moons, numerology, oh my!}

Tools {Crystals Suggestions, year-end workshop + more}

& Tips {Smudging Practice, Journal Prompts + Intentions}

New Moon, Solar Eclipse 

23° of Sagittarius | December 14th | 11:17 AM EST

The last “New Moon” of 2020. Another Power-Full Eclipse.


“If you wake up and don’t want to smile

If it takes just a little while

Open your eyes and look at the day

You’ll see things in a different way

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here

It’ll be, better than before.

Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone”

-Fleetwood Mac, “Don’t Stop”  

This Solar Eclipse initiates a releasing and revitalizing 6 month energy cycle of spiritual renewal & growth, expanding horizons & creating adventure, despite life’s challenges and set-backs. This capstone lunation will predicate and set the tone for 2021. 

Solar Eclipses are innately extroverted, action-oriented and oftentimes, not so subtly transformative. 

The releasing may Be & Feel karmic | The revitalization, visionary

{around the eclipse + unfold in the months ahead}

Anytime a New Moon occurs in the adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius, an air of spontaneity, hunger for tasting new horizons, learning, and even a little “right place, right time” energy. 

I dub Sag the sign of Both / And. -Its joie de vivre vibe is like ordering an appetizer, main course with bread & butter, and dessert! Taste everything. Watch out for overindulging. Think about when you are on vacation: There’s a tendency to splurge, indulge ourSelves + senses, create new adventures, and feel free from ___________. That’s the gist of Sag. 


The Gypsy

The Student

The Philosopher


Skim the surface, and go deep.

Pay attention. Listen. {2 ears, 1 mouth}

Stay grounded, and reach for the stars.

P.S. Mercury, the planet of intelligence and information gathering/sharing will be conjunct {holding proverbial hands with} the Sun + Moon at the time of the eclipse. Your mind may be over-active or in perpetual search for greater meaning.  

Remember, your thoughts propel behavior and action, and thus create your reality. New Moons are about initiating fresh starts. 

Be mindful of your mind during this energy. Direct your attention towards your dreams, hopes and wishes. Writing, communicating ideas / insights, and researching are optimal ways to set in motion your desires. 

Soulful Inquiries:

  • Where do you experience hope or meaning, even when the goin’ gets tough?

  • What leaps of faith can you envision yourself taking in the upcoming months? {what personal edges do you want to explore}

  • Where can you incorporate greater personal freedom in your life? 

~Homework for Humanity~

Incorporate prayers of hope, deeply compassionate planetary healing, and unity into this New Moon, Eclipse energy. 

Crystal Up: Add Black + Yellow Rutilated Quartz. This crystal combo is ideal for self-centering {not to be mistaken with self-centeredness!}, embracing new insights and opportunities. Carpe Diem, mindfully. 

Know Your Blindspots

  • Overindulging + Exaggeration 

  • Unrealistic Expectations + Making Assumptions

  • Impatience with a side of Procrastination {yes, both sides of the coin}

When these blindspots sneak up, recognize them; hit the reset button. Avoid going down a rabbit hole. It’s a long way back up. 


Insider Track {Amanda’s personal NM focus}

This Moon hits my natal, astrological 6th house work, health, routines and service to others. It will initiate a 6 month cycle of revitalizing routines and reframing how I show up in service to add greater value and joy, daily. 

Numerology side-bar: Notice how this Moon affects my “6th” house and it initiates a “6-month” cycle. That’s the kind of stuff I pay attention to and incorporate into my focus when working with any energy. The 6 in numerology represents safety, security, care and intuition. The 66 activates optimism and socialization. 

Sample personal journal prompt: What daily routines can I initiate that add greater internal security and care, while also expanding my sphere of social influence? 


Winter in the Northern Hemisphere | Summer in the Sothern Hemisphere

December 21st 


Pay homage as the seasons change and as the Sun shifts into the ambitious sign of Capricorn. The solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year {and vice versa in the Southern Hemisphere}. Symbolically, the skies offer hope that the light is returning. 

Solstice Invitation:

Reflect on the year past {oh what a year, 2020} in order to begin excavating space for 2021 future plans and wishes.

  • Light a candle. Grab a cup of spiced tea, a cozy blanket, and your journal.

  • Get quiet. Listen. Go within and see what thoughts, memories and feelings you find yourself channeling.



Solstice Prayer


I honor the changing season on Earth and in my Heart as the veil thins above and below on the Winter {or Summer} Solstice. I practice faith in the natural rhythms of my body, mind, emotions and spirit to uphold and gracefully renew me. 


Show me my divine essence, that I may organically know the eternal light of my soul.



Full Moon

8° of Cancer | December 29th | 10:28 PM EST

“Before I could release

the weight of my sadness

and pain, I first had 

to honor its existence.” 

-Yung Pueblo

Sigh of relief + Sacred release.

This 2nd  Cancer Full Moon of 2020 focuses on healing limiting emotional attachments and aspects of the past that may have haunted or weighted you down. It’s a Moon of personal forgiveness, self-compassion and anything that can soothe your soul as you transition into 2020. 


The Divine Mother

The Healer

The Moon Child

Think back to January of this year. -Yes, I know it seems like eons ago. We experienced our first Full Moon of the year in Cancer.

  1. What was your 2020 outlook? 

  2. How did that play out for ya’ ?? 

    I know these are loaded questions. But seriously, think back on what intentions you set, and how things have unfolded or not unfolded.

  3. What have you learned and how have you grown?

Think + Repeat:

Heal mySelf. 

Heal the World. 

I can hold space for the hard stuff. 

I am brave. 

I am not alone; the whole world is with me.

I’ve got this.

We’ve got this. 


One of my 2020 ballads is “Twisted,” by Nahko And Medicine For The People. 

I encourage you to listen. Meditate in your heart on where healing, forgiveness and self-forgiveness may need to percolate. I cry and smile with the lyrics and sentiments. 

During this Moon, recognize personal fears and insecurities- even the “stuff” you hide from yourself. Summon your “brave” and ask your Higher Power for healing. 

“Forgive YourSelf, Nobody can do that” -Nahko


Accept recognition, love, support + healing.  

Set intentions around emotional stability + inner-security.

Stay present. All we have is today.

Become willing to communicate your heart’s desires and pains with ease, honesty and confidence. 

Soulful Inquiries

  • What don’t you want to take with you as we cross the threshold of 2021?

  • What presently soothes your soul? 

  • Do you need to forgive yourself or someone else? 

  • How has your definition of comfort and security been redefined this year?



Inability to receive or ask for help {or love!}

Emotional co-dependence

Worry + Doubt 

Lack of trust + Loss of faith

Add a side of prehnite. This crystal is insights heart-centered courage, wisdom and trust while also aiding you in becoming willing to be open to aid + council. It also can connect you with other aspects of yourSelf in other dimensions {if you’re into that} for deeper meaning, wholeness and compassion. It’s great for meditation, journey-work, dreams around this Moon cycle.. 

Insider Track {Amanda’s personal FM focus}

This Moon is connected to my identity, as I am a Cancer Rising. Over the course of 2020, I’ve experienced some drastic shifts in my persona, letting go of false security blankets personally and professionally, honestly and compassionately communicating what is no longer acceptable or clashes with my values, and in re-creating my sense of security. 

Personal Prayer: 

I honor my journey. I honor your journey. I honor our journey.

I honor my messes. I honor your messes. I honor our messes. 

I honor my bravery. I honor your bravery. I honor our bravery.

I honor me. 

I honor you. 

I honor us. 


Crystals + Smoke

Name it | Claim it | Clear it

The December crystal + smoke recipe combines Yellow + Black Rutilated Quartz to aid you in identifying {Name It} anything you want to leave behind in 2020, with Prehnite to support you in deconstructing {Claim It} its meaning and Sage to soothe, cleans and heal {Clear it}.

Yellow Rutilated Quartz: Filtrate intensity of mind, body + emotions for your Spirit to shine powerfully through.

Black Rutilated Quartz: Heal, rebalance and optimally interconnect the energy systems in the body for revitalization, joy and overall well being. It’s ideal for compromised immune systems. 

Prehnite: {my personal favorite stone this year} Enhance your inner-knowing by working simultaneously with all aspects of yourSelf and your Soul. This stone subtly synchronizes multiple lines of time. It’s supporting of past and future life work to create greater continuity and meaning in the Now.

Sage: Clear your energy regularly this month. The more you actively talk to your energy field and ask for purification, the faster the shifts will take place. {more details + tips below}

Holiday it up or gift-it with a Smudge Kit Sampler which includes Flower Rose Petal Garden Sage, Lavender, White Sage, Cedar and Palo Santo.

Who put the “smart” in smartphone? Quartz Crystal! Its properties have been used for ages to transmit and store intelligence. Did you know an integral part of the processor in smartphones and computers is a refined form of quartz?  

If you don’t have any Clear Quartz in your spiritual toolbox, get some! I don’t wear clear quartz on its own too often unless I know I am personally grounded and clear-headed, otherwise, it can personify and/or drain me. Instead, I use it in conjunction with other crystals to enhance, purify or clear the corresponding crystal energy. 

Yellow + Black Rutilated Quartz Combined: Ooh La La! This dynamic duo will elevate your spirit, soothe your soul, and add a little rock and roll. 

The Yellow will activate your solar plexus and crown chakras, harnessing your mighty “I AM” presence, aka your Truth with a capital “T,” and encourage deliberate, discerning action. 

The Black will harness your energetic super-powers. It’s ideal for trusting in the unknown and uncertainty that life throws at us {hello, goodbye 2020} with a deeper sense of faith and offering of opportunities to make sense of the nonsensical. 

Work with this dynamic duo + set clear intentions for:

  • Taking your power back by bravely identifying the dark, heavy stuff!

  • Finding hidden treasure and meaning in the darkness

  • Clear, effective use of your energy and intelligence

  • Heal and process heavy, toxic energies, mindsets, relationships and environments with ease + courage

Astrology bonus: This combo is fantastic corresponding energy with the New Moon, Solar Eclipse. It will aid you in setting intuitively aligned intentions and becoming willing to run toward your dreams. 

Prehnite: Be Here Now. That says it all. This stone has helped me create a greater sense of peace and ease than I’ve experienced my entire life. It’s not “just the stone.” I’ve done The Spiritual & Personal work this year, however prehnite has been a surprisingly impactful gym along my 2020 journey and for some of my rock-star clients. 

This stone is exceptional for memory recall, connecting the cosmic dots communication with your spirit guides / Higher Self / loved-ones on the other side and other aspects of yourSelf {most commonly referred to as past or future lives}. 

Astrology + Numerology bonus: Prehnite compliments both Chiron stationing direct in Aries {internal healing turned external- shifting behaviors, actions and attitudes to reflect internal maturation} and the Cancer Full Moon. It’s also the best bang for your buck with the 7 + 4 numerology combo this month.

This unsuspecting stone can aid in taking lifetimes of pain, trauma, lessons, highs, lows, joys, sorrows {you get the picture}, and infiltrate the highest vibrations of your soul’s experience for Your Greatest Good in the present moment. 

Ultimately, it’s a stone of heart-centered purification. 

Bonus: December calls for Smokin’ it out! I’ve used sage, various dried herbs, woods, and incense to cleanse and clear energy for years. The ancients swore by smoke for it’s profound analgesic and healing properties, both physically and metaphysically. 

Mini Sage Practice 

-You can use this practice in conjunction or alone on the New or Full Moon or anytime you need an energy re-set.

-You can use a sage wand, herbal bouquet, choice incense or palo santo. 

Carefully light the stick or bundle, creating an aromatic smoke. Wave the smoke over your crystals {and intentions if you’ve journaled for the New or Full Moons}. Then wave the smoke over yourself from head to toe. This is called smudging. 

Repeat the entire smudging process over intentions, crystals, and yourself 3 times. While you smudge:

Say: I recognize the power of my energy, light and intelligence as an ever-advancing being of love. Lower vibrations alchemize into pure, positive potential. All aspects of me are here now, with clarity and integrity. 

Space Clearing: You can also smudge throughout your home, office or any environment with intention and care. I personally like to open doors and windows bringing the inside out and the outside in. If I’m clearing an entire home or building, I work from back to front, including every closet, corner, cabinet and hiding spaces. I don’t play. Talk about the satisfaction of a job well done! 

I state and restate intentions along the way for clarity, the highest love, light and energies to infuse the space for optimal being and wellbeing. 

Insider tip: When consult me about clearing energies, and boy do I have some stories, I always emphasize: It’s the power behind your words that matters, not so much the methodology. Speak your clearing intentions with belief and attention.

I’m suggesting bracelets all around this month! Y’all know it’s my preferred way of integrating crystal energy. Stock up or Give gifts through quick links above at the beginning of the crystal section.

Tip: Put your crystals {stones or bracelets} out under the Sagittarius New Moon, Eclipse for 3 nights. Set the intention that these crystals will effectively support your energy in optimally transitioning from 2020 into 2021. Work with them into the New Year and the first New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th. 

2020 Closing Intention

I honor and mindfully integrate the 2020 lessons from my personal and universal experience, opening the door to a freedom-seeking, adventurous and dynamically empowering 2021.
I trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Que sera, sera 2020!

See you on the other side,

Amanda & The Team @ Soul Pathology

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