April 2021 – Numerology

April 2021 numerology

Subtly & Sophisticatedly Break The Mold

Heart & Eyes Wide Open
 Surrender to Win | Mindset Matters | Act in Integrity

9-Universal Month | 5-Universal Year

4 (April) + 5 (2021) = 9

Photo credit: RIMOWA (www.rimowa.com)

Photo credit: RIMOWA (www.rimowa.com)

April 2021 is a month for subtly yet sophisticatedly breaking the mold with the intention to yield profound shifts in the months ahead, both personally & globally.

Take inventory of your experience in March – it likely shook you up and down. Identify anything you need to release in order to align your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs with the call of your sophisticated soul. 

When you change, you change your reality. And thus, humanity is changed.

The awareness of the impact of your energy is critical this month. 

Think: Subtle yet profound evolution is happening within me.

Result: Subtle yet profound change is happening within humanity.

April 2021 Numerology Forecast 


 -the process or result of becoming more complex, developed, or subtle
-Mirriam Webster 

  • Cultivating and becoming the knowledge you seek

  • Crystallizing life lessons into valuable wisdom and perhaps, karmic healing

  • Abandoning disillusionment and embracing personal and global enlightenment

    “Subtly breaking patterns with sophistication” is initiated when you prioritize time to identify limiting or outdated patterns of behavior, attitudes, emotions, thought-processes, and engagements or environments that need to shift to level-up into your life experience. 

 9 Numerology Archetypes

The Humanitarian | The Innate Leader 

If you articulate and initiate your contributions locally & personally,

your subtly profound energies will reverberate out globally & cosmically.

Photo credit: @karadoc_

Photo credit: @karadoc_

April Numerology Energies  –  9 Vibes

  • Recognizing personal integrity 

  • Humanitarianism 

  • Innate leadership & wisdom

  • Completion – Experiencing closure/letting go of the past 

  • Surrendering to win!  

  • Seeing and living in the world but not of it; The Practical Visionary 

2021 Undercurrents – Energy of the 5

  • Craving and creating healthy personal space 

  • Intolerance of mediocrity 

  • Dynamic shifts in mind & heart-sets

  • Boredom 

  • Aha moments / cosmic downloads

Potential Blind Spots 

  • Misreading resistance, pain, or challenges for adversity {when it’s truly your soul calling you towards your personal integrity} 

  • Cold, curt, or indifferent attitudes 

  • Feeling unrecognized or under-valued 

  • Taking everything too seriously / forgetting to laugh & play

  • Feeling an impending sense of urgency or feeling like you’re running out of time (you’re not!)

These blindspots are blessings in disguise! 

Recognize these blindspots in real-time 

-this takes being present and grounded

Practice objectivity when facing the blindspots 

-drop the shame, blame, or relentless investigation urges

Let Go and Let God {or whatever you call your Higher Power}

-consciously surrender the blindspots to A Power Greater Than YourSelf 

-drop grandiose ideas of immediate gratification

This is about the long game. 

This is about your Soul’s Evolution. 

This is about Humanity’s Evolution.

The April 9 & 5 energy combination will test your opposites. The 9 seeks intense action and leadership, while the 5 loves rebellion and breaking the rules. Find the balance between the two. You’ll experience a sweet spot that will result in karmic breakthroughs, extraordinary opportunities, and a new level of balance between your divine feminine and masculine energies. 

Be mindful of self-importance, overly intense attitudes, and the inability to relax and have fun. 


Live In Divine Timing


Soulful April Numerology Inquiries

What experiences and interactions motivate and inspire me?

What experiences and interactions demotivate or uninspire me? 

Am I willing to make changes in these experiences and interactions?

-letting go of the demotivating ones and prioritizing/taking action towards the inspiring ones?

Whom do I trust to hold me accountable in this?

What are my values? Do I live and act in these values?

Side Note: Personal values can be a challenge to define- a great way to figure out what you value is to recognize what behaviors in people or yourself you vehemently despise. 

-Yes, that’s intense, but if you recognize the dislikes- you can acknowledge its polarity, which is likely a personal value.

What is currently limiting the initiation or action around the longings of my soul? What am I afraid of?  Do I believe the fears/limitations can be healed? 

Hint: The identification of the fears and willingness to believe in their healing is the key. When you flip the script on personal darkness and shine your light into it, the voice of your soul will become clearer and clearer.

We are in times of great paradigm shifts in humanity. Your contribution is a willingness to evolve. 

Are you ready to break Your Mold this month?

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