Her Session Was The Most Astonishing & Authentic Experience I’ve Ever Had In A Reading

“Amanda takes off out of the gate like a racehorse and doesn’t stop until your session is over. Having had numerous readings in my life with various psychics and mediums (some disappointing; some downright charlatans), I can honestly say that this was, by far, the most astonishing and authentic experience I’ve ever had in a reading.

Her gentle delivery, humor and incredible DIVINE gifts still leave me with chills even days later. The accuracy with which she delivers her readings is beyond amazing. I was able to find peace and forgiveness for an abusive mother after hearing her words from the other side.

Amanda described very specific childhood details that only my mother would know. I connected with a great love that I lost last year and I could literally feel him near me as Amanda described him and “translated” his messages for me.

She even knew how he died – which was a freak and sudden glitch in his heart. I’ve watched mediums on TV and always wished I could have a reading with one of them and have been on years-long waiting lists to do just that. Now, I no longer need to search.

Amanda is simply one of those magical beings that has come to this earth to heal us and in essence, heal humanity itself. She brings us the answers that our souls long for. Do your soul a favor and trust in her. This is the real deal, folks.

We have been blessed enough to have an angel who walks among us and she is willing to share her incredible gifts. Accept them and your life will transform. Bless you, Amanda, for bringing such hope to the world.”

– Maggie