Her Healing Teachings & Energies Helped Me Tune Into My Higher Self, Heart & Soul

“My first meeting with Amanda blew my mind! My dad was a police officer for 18+ years. Growing up we had a “code word” that I knew to ask anyone who tried to pick me up from school so I knew my dad sent them.

He would say, “If someone tells you I sent them, they will give you this code word”. The first few minutes into my meeting with Amanda she asked me, “Did you and your dad have a code that would let you know he was there” and then she said “something to do with an animal”. The code word my dad used when I was growing up was “Shadow”, the name of our dog. I knew this was my dad’s way of telling me he was there and there was no way Amanda could have known this without speaking to my dad.

Through her reading, I found so much peace in my dad’s sudden death. Amanda has a way of communicating with love and honesty that make it easy to understand and resonates with your soul. Since I started working with Amanda, I have learned ways to raise my vibrations, how to feel more grounded and secure. Through her teachings/healing of energies, I have learned how to be in tune with my higher self, my heart, and my soul. I am a happier and a stronger person.”